Getting Rowdy In Rome – 5 Cool Clubs

5 Rome Clubs

When reflecting on the city of Rome, scenes of beautiful ruins or sculptures of the gods may come to mind. But let’s not forget that if there’s one thing the Romans have always done well, it’s throw lavish parties worthy of bringing down empires (behind building aqueducts and naming things, of course). Every astute traveler knows that it would be a shame to visit a city and not take in every imaginable aspect of its culture, which is why I have compiled a list of the coolest Clubs In Rome to make sure that you get the most out of this historic city.

1. Anima

Anima is one of Rome’s most popular clubs with no cover charge and no line at the door…apparently this is a possible feat. The glitzy golden décor gives the venue a glamorous but comfortable feeling with oversized couches and day beds tucked away into an upstairs seating area for guests who want to settle into cozy conversation. The main floor is a happening dance spot nearly all of the time, but becomes particularly packed after midnight on weekdays when other bars and clubs are closing down. The DJ spins an eclectic mix of music as a sociable crowd of patrons flirts and mingles late into the night.

Anima by mjsawyer

2. Mood

For young clubbers who want to get back to basics (or at least Rome nightlife basics), there is Mood, a bare-bones nightclub that focuses on playing quality hip-hop and encouraging patrons to jump into some of the city’s best dance parties. The crowd at Mood has definitely come to get crazy and the music is played at a decibel that would make conversation a nearly impossible distraction from the main duty of getting down.

3. Gilda

You don’t need to wait until VIP Sundays at Gilda to see a chic crowd of socialites and international celebrities enjoying themselves under the venue’s revolving lights and disco balls. A large main room welcomes clubbers who are ready to get sweaty to the beats of a DJ spinning tunes from a balcony. For those who want to get off their feet and observe the masses, there are a few tables on the mezzanine level. Patrons are usually so engrossed in the party and the beautiful foreigners scattered throughout the venue that it goes unnoticed that the décor could use a revamp.

Discoteca Gilda
Discoteca Gilda by Skyler Greene Photography

4. Akab

Akab, one of the older clubs in Rome, has continued to pull a young, attractive crowd since the 1980s. The main room of the venue boasts a huge bar and a raised VIP section for customers who want the extra chic experience. DJs play everything from the traditional choices of house and techno to modern rock. The venue shakes things up with various theme nights when the hordes of sexy regulars and in-the-know international travelers come out to dance till they drop.

Busy P in Rome
Busy P In Rome by Flavia_FF

5. Circolo degli Artisti

Circolo degli Artisti transports patrons back in time to ancient Rome with its gorgeous gardens, private gazebos, swimming pool, and ancient Roman walls. Hipsters and those who are looking for an alternative to the mainstream clubbing experience flood the indoor dance floors to shimmy to every possible genre of music. The more restless guests can wander the gardens or even start a friendly game of basketball in the courtyard (yes this actually happens).

Circolo Degli Artisti, Rome
Circolo Degli Artisti, Rome by The_Futureheads

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