Gig Posters And Art By MUNK ONE


MUNK ONE a.k.a. Jose A. Mercado is a contemporary American illustrator and fine artist well known for creating artwork for many major label bands and world renowned brands like, Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, My Chemical Romance, Upper Playground, Tribal Gear, True love & False idols and more.

His style can seem very dark and serious at first glance, filled with undertones of politics, religion, personal experiences and emotions. Alternately much of his work can also be bright, beautiful, fun and positive. These elements seem to coexist throughout much of his work. Proficient in both traditional and computer media, he is comfortable using whatever methods his projects call for.

Dream Beautiful and Unusual

Live Painting at Pearl Jam Concert

Live Painting at Black Books Session 8

Celebrating Blink-182’s 20th Anniversary

Eddie Vedder Live Painting at Long Beach

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