Google Optimisation Tips For 2013

The Internet runs the world. Moreover Google runs the Internet, in regards to finding content and getting what you need from it. Therefore if you’re looking to market a business, the Internet is the place to do it, while Google is the place to do it on the place to do it! In layman’s terms, you need the websites business to be marketed on Google and through Google. Here are a few tips on how to do just that in 2013.

Quality Content

The changing face of SEO means that its rules alter all the time. In this day and age, the importance of content is greater than ever. Google downgrade websites if their content isn’t up to scratch. Furthermore, if your content is of a low quality, people won’t visit your site, which will inevitably lower your online status and subsequently Google ranking.

A newsfeed on your site is a great way of increasing content quality and content amount at the same time, so long as it’s from quality news sources of course.


Regardless of what needs doing in regards to SEO, there is some sort of software out there to help get it done. An Outreach Campaign is one element of SEO work that fundamentally requires a reliable and easy to use piece of software to help get it done. Outreaching without software takes too much time for it to even be attempted; and is also a lot less efficient.

Niche Phrases

As tempting as it might be to go for one-worded keywords, it may actually suit your optimisation better if you go for niche phrases, so long as it comes up favourably in Google Analytics of course. Of course, all will depend on the type of business, product or organisation you’re looking to promote.

Use Keywords Wisely

A keywords density should be no more than 3% on a website page so you should remember to use your keywords wisely. These keywords should be bullet pointed or styled in italics or both!


The importance of Google+ should not be underestimated, even if other social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook attract more active users. Since Google run the Internet, they’re pretty keen on ensuring that Google+ has some bearing on Google rankings.

Google measure social status through Google+ only, and so with Google+ activity indexed by Google actively, it is important for you to get involved with the social media site.

Sue Williams is a freelance technology writer writing articles on everything ranging from her favourite gadget, the Visopix Android TV to the latest and greatest in technological advances, particularly in the area of mobile phones.

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  • Perhaps the most important SEO tactic after good content is good keyword research.