Happiness And Motivation In The Workplace

Happiness And Motivation In The WorkplaceSource: Pixabay

A well run business isn’t just about efficiency and making money. They might be the bottom line, but they’re supported by the workforce and the environment you build around them. A happy workforce is more likely to be a motivated one. A motivated workforce is more likely to produce the kind of results you’re after. If you’re having trouble keeping your staff motivated, just keep reading. Perhaps we can help you bring a bit of life and prosperity to your workplace.

1. Comfort

There’s a certain fear that comfort is directly linked to lax work. Some think a happy workforce is just one getting away with everything. However, that’s far from necessarily true. Making a comfortable workspace means that employees are likely to feel more comfortable at work. When they’re more comfortable, they’re happier to do their work. Try and make the workplace more than just a series of cold cubicles and establish an atmosphere of employee care.

2. Treats

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Source: Pixabay

Going a bit further, having something that brings a treat to the whole office can make a major morale boost. Employees are way more likely to stay and progress in a workplace that takes their happiness into account. One of the simpler ways to show that is by getting great coffee right in the office. Peaberrys Coffee Roasters offer all kinds of in-office solutions. Not only are you keeping your employees energised and focused, you’re keeping them happy to stay at work, too.

3. Communication

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Believe it or not, an hour of hard fact-drilling in the morning is not a great way to get your employees motivated. Remember that the key to any team meetings you have is to communicate an aim to them and motivate them towards it. Try having your meetings standing up so everyone feels on equal ground with their contributions. It also does a lot to keep them brief and informal. Moreover, operate an open-door policy so a sense of trust is built in the team which leads to better cooperation all around.

4. Development

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Show your employees that you are invested in them. Take the opportunity to offer further development to anyone who wants it. Not only are you fostering loyalty but you’re building your own core team to delegate to. Create an environment of mentoring and you’ll see the benefits grow as your business does.

5. Incentivise

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Incentives are a tried and true method of providing a short burst of motivation for your employees. If you’re working on a certain project or looking to build a competitive edge to your team, rewards always help. But you can use cheap rewards in just about any case. They don’t even have to be purely competitive. Reward your employees for their work with little, cheap treats and it will add a sense of fun to the work environment.

6. Manage

As the leader of a team, your employees should look to you to help when they’re in a bind. Make yourself not only willing to help, but also prepared. Try using organization software to break tasks down and take time to break the bigger projects down into a timescale. Help everyone understand the progress of a project, not just the aspect they’re personally working on.

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