Hard Work Hertz: Building A Gaming Rig From Scratch

Hard Work Hertz Building A Gaming Rig From ScratchSource: Flickr

The power of computing is at an all-time high right now and that peak can only do one thing. Grow even higher.

The re-emergence of the computer as the pinnacle of gaming had but one thing holding it back – lounge compatibility. The consoles such as the PS3 and Xbox 360 could lord it over the PC by being able to be the perfect system to sit back and relax with after a hard day at work. However, in the years since the PS3 and 360 were replaced by their successors, the PC has made huge strides. It’s no longer simply the gaming system of choice for tech-heads – it’s becoming the mainstream.

Computers are more accessible, and smaller, than ever. They boast more power per dollar than gaming consoles. They have finally made the leap into the lounge and anyone with the right mindset can build one from scratch. Here’s what you need to do to blow away your PS4 this year.

The first thing you need is the case and motherboard. These two go hand in hand as the motherboard screws directly onto the case. So make sure you get the right size! These should both come without enough screws, washer and cables that are needed to make sure everything can be mounted and connected (USB ports, case fans). It’s worth double checking though. The motherboard has to come with enough cables to ensure that the hard drive and optical drive can be connected (so the computer can run). You might need a visual cable (VGA) to ensure that your computer monitor can connect as well. In fact, it’s worth just buying a spare bunch of cables to cover all bases.

Hard Work Hertz Building A Gaming Rig From Scratch

Source: Flickr

In terms of RAM, make sure the speeds of the two identical RAM sticks match the speed of your motherboard and computer. This will help everything tick along nicely and ensure your computer can cope with the demands of the latest games.

Of course, the graphics card is key and will likely be the standout piece of your computer. It will also be the most expensive along with the CPU. While you can certainly go crazy with a graphics card, it won’t matter if your computer doesn’t have the power or means to run the graphics card. Make sure your CPU and RAM come first before your splurge on a graphics card. Also, make sure your computer monitor is up to scratch. GamingBuff compared the top gaming monitors for this year, so have a look and choose a monitor that is capable of displaying all your computers power. Of course, this power generates heat, so make sure your new build has plenty of options to get rid of heat such as fans and heatsinks.

The PSU or power supply is probably one of the most underrated aspects to computer building. It supplies the power and can ensure your system runs smoothly. Make sure to invest in a modular PSU that has enough energy for your graphics cards and other components.

These are the crucial components and ideally it has inspired you to get moving!