Have An Adventure In Bhutan


Bhutan, it may be a country known to few, but one you can have a tranquil and at the same time exciting trip. Its ideal location at the eastern side of the Himalayas makes it a perfect tourism destination for fun filled and exhilarating adventurous trips, its geographical landscape constituting mainly of steep high mountains and valleys crisscrossed by rivers.

The geographical diversity and diverse climatic conditions offers it a wide range of outstanding bio-diversity and Eco-systems and has a unique, virtually undisturbed landscape and culture. This in result offers visitors a wide range of activities to engage in whilst there.

Bhutan Taktsang 15
Bhutan Taktsang 15 by ClausNehmzow


Exciting treks through the mountainous landscapes are a must activity that most visitors in the area engage in. The country boasts more than fifty percent forest cover, that has largely remained pristine and intact. Several trekking tours have been organised to offer visitors a wider range of adventurous activities to choose from.

Bhutan Trekking
Bhutan Trekking by El Freddy

The Black Mountain Trek may be one of the most recommended trips offering a perfect opportunity to tour the scenic landscapes of remote and rugged mountains, valleys and rivers. Visitors can trek for days through the uninhabited pine forests or follow of the paths of the legendary and ancient warrior monks, and not to mention having the privilege to capture the breathtaking view of the Himalayas and the lovely rivers and valleys’ vegetation. I highly recommend have a camera with you. Other popular trips and treks include The Black Mountain that normally takes place in twelve days, View Valley and Visions Trek and Trek to Sky Mountain, among others.


Rafting on the Paro Chhu
Rafting On The Paro Chhu by Northwest Rafting Company

Travel agents offer rafting tours through the Bhutan rivers, giving a chance for the visitors to experience a unique and spectacular view of the land rarely seen by even the locals. For instance, a kayaking ride down the Mooch River is always a thrilling, fun filled and memorable experience, where the visitors can have all the rafting adventure they have probably been wishing for. Two major river systems have formed deep gorges resulting to a tremendous creation of scenic natural beauty, making a paddle down the rivers an experience of a lifetime.

Biking Tours

Bhutan Mountain Biking
Bhutan Mountain Biking by richa1234

Bhutan has always been known for its winding roads. At the risk of stating the obvious, this offers the perfect scenery for bike and motorbike tours. The visitors who take advantage of this have an opportunity to visit the isolated and remote temples and attend religious festivals. One can always have a sight-seeing trip through the landscape by undertaking a mountain biking tour, giving you the perfect chance to experience the lush and warmth of River Valley vegetation and the breathtaking view of the icy slopes of the Himalayas, and not to mention the encounter with the friendly and lovely natives of Bhutan.

Bhutan Taktsang 33
Bhutan Taktsang 33 by ClausNehmzow

This, besides offering a rare opportunity to have a natural discovery, gives one an insight into the unique culture and lifestyle of the locals. You will have the chance to mingle, observe their culture and traditions, that has changed little in over a century, and get to view the fascinating architectural designs of their houses and ancient monasteries.

A trip to this fascinating land with largely preserved nature and culture is always an exhilarating one that one should make a point of taking, but in your plans always be conscious about Esta especially when making online booking.

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