Hot Web Design Trends You Should Be Using

Hot Web Design Trends You Should Be UsingSource: Wikimedia

Every now and then we come across a truly beautiful webpage. With the sheer amount of pages out there, it obviously takes some serious creativity to make one that leaps out at you. Although quality web design may feel like it’s something far out of your reach, you can really breathe some life into your web page by following a few big trends. Here are a few which are really hot at the moment.

Firstly, colour overlay applied to images. Seen as you’ve got a website up and running, I’m sure you know how tough it is to source quality images for use on a company site. With all the licensing and photography fees, you may have ended up with some imagery which isn’t quite what you had in mind. Using colour overlay is a remarkably quick and easy way to make the image stand out, and catch your customer’s’ eye. This trick is pretty versatile; you can use a wide range of tones to get across different moods. Bright colours are popular for making a dull image stand out, but they’re not the only tool in the box. A muted, greyscale overlay can be a great way to create a sophisticated, vintage feel.

Next, getting the logo just right. In this digital age, your website is going to be your storefront, so obviously your logo is going to be a dominant feature. Many companies, when tackling their own web design, will make the logo massive and oversized, and keep up this motif on every single page. You can see how this isn’t always the best idea. In fact, I’ve been noticing a growing trend of smaller, more minimal logos kept in the corners of every page. This isn’t necessarily the best way for you to show your logo. However, the size and placement should fit in well with the rest of the website’s overall layout and theme. View our portfolio to get some ideas on how to position and scale your logo.

Finally, get in some unconventional, “make you look” images or videos. When you go to a lot of businesses landing pages, you’re immediately confronted with some image or video that screams for your attention. Half the time it’s nothing to do with what the company sells or provides. However, they still do their job – simply making you look! The criteria are pretty hard to pin down, but look around some of your larger competitors’ sites and pretty soon you’ll get a good idea of what you should be looking for. The image should be high-quality, and different or interesting enough to seize the attention of your average customer. The main feature in it should be something you don’t see everyday – some modern machinery, an exotic animal, a beautiful view. It can pretty much be anything that will draw the eye, and make people ask questions.

Apply these trends to your website, and see how much better it looks! While copying the competition will only get you so far, it’s a great first step towards further innovation.