How Does Poor Security Affect My Business?

How Does Poor Security Affect My Business?Source: Pixabay

You may be familiar with the phrases cyber attack and hacking but what exactly do they mean to your business? A cyber attack is any attempt to expose, disable, destroy, steal or gain unauthorized access to your systems, infrastructures, information, emails or even attempt to log into a smart device. A cybercriminal may steal a system that is susceptible to hacking and hasn’t got the appropriate security systems in place. User behavior analytics and SIEM can be used to help prevent such attacks but you must also ensure some things on your side. Such as keeping things locked, having very difficult to crack passwords, trusting all staff members to keep information confidential and also looking at software that stops any type of third party access. Having only one or two people in your business in charge of the confidential information could work but this may not always work. You can keep your business sustainable and safe.

If you think that cyber attacks aren’t a real threat, then you may be surprised. In September 2016, the internet giant announced it had been the victim of the biggest data breach in history according to Fox Business. The company was attacked in the biggest hack taking names, email addresses, dates of birth and telephone numbers of 500 million users – that is a lot of information. Another good way to keep information safe is to keep it backed up on a cloud and not have access to it on your regular systems. Once your information is breached, then your customers may take their business elsewhere.

Keeping Your Premises Safe

Your building should have a set of emergency plans in place. You should have a fire plan, and emergency plans in place just in case. However, once your staff are safe, you also need to maintain this across the board. How do you keep your premises safe? Undoubtedly you probably have a lot of information and valuable belongings in your premises that must be kept safe. You should first look at a CCTV company to ensure that your business is tracked at all times. This will be important to look back at and kept as evidence. A potential robber who can clearly see monitored video surveillance will think twice about the plan. They will instead most likely leave and not take the risk. This preventative measure could save your business thousands as well as save lives.

It is also extremely important to ensure that your building is in good shape, such as the roof, the systems inside, the electrics and that gas checks are done regularly. Are there any hazards? This is vital and you must also inspect your equipment regularly. Structural integrity is crucial too to keep people safe as well as your business. Any payouts will set you back. Be safe and be methodical in your thinking. Your business is your number one priority but so is security, they go hand in hand. Be sure that you are ready to go for a more successful tomorrow.