How To Ace Up Disney Audition Preparation

Do you constantly crave a career in the acting industry? Well, if the answer is a resounding yes, then the Disney Channel is a good platform to start with. For those who have a profound interest in acting, the Disney Channel Audition is the best way to enter show business.

The Disney Channel employs more entertainment professionals compared to other TV channels, and through it you’ll be able to make decent living, while performing in theme parks, on cruise lines and the Disney Channel itself. Disney cuts across geographies and generations.

But before we converse about where to find Disney casting calls, let’s start with Disney Tryout Tips.

Disney Is Very Particular

Disney is very particular when identifying the talent. In the process Walt Disney has realised the fact that the kids they cast are quintessential i.e. they are not yet another face on the TV but instead represent the whole Disney brand.

So, if you have managed to reach the land of the Disney audition, here are few tips that you need to understand.

Always Be Punctual

It is imperative to be on time and early birds are always welcomed. To be on time means to be 15 minutes early. The Disney casting directors will see hordes of performers every day, so even if just one of the actors is late it throws off their whole schedule. Also it is highly recommended to not act like a jerk.

When the auditions are closed, walking into the audition room can be a pretty scary experience, but ensure that you go alone. Parents and relatives should wait outside the audition room.

Bring A Resume/CV

Ensure that you bring the latest copy of your resume or CV, and professional headshots. Staple them in each corner and remember that the Disney folks will keep them.

Have Fun

Be sure to have fun! Since the dawn of the Disney Channel, the audition has undergone a sea change. But what has remained the same is the friendliness and welcoming atmosphere that Disney folks present. Hence, the best idea is to strut your stuff and enjoy yourself at the same time.


The Disney Channel folks will ask you to present a one minute comic monologue. The best thing one can do is to rehearse the monologue with a stopwatch. Do this and they won’t need to stop you early. Additionally, you may be asked to participate in improvisation exercises or they may ask you to read a dialogue from the script.


Disney needs two contrasting and 16 bar audition songs. The sign of a good singer is one who can sing as well as act, hence it is your best interest to sing a song as well as perform. Do bring some props to accentuate the dance performance.


For dancers there is no specific guideline, as Disney prefers a wide variety of dancers. But the catch is that they may ask you to perform a short dance combination. So, how should the dancers should prepare? They need to bring right ballet or jazz shoes or character heels.

Points To Ponder

It is imperative to understand that there are a number of unscrupulous people who are always willing to make a hole in your pocket and in some cases more than that. If you pay in monetary terms for an audition, then chances are your talent will only be limited to YouTube or other social networking sites. The Disney Channel folks make a point to explore countries to search the new talent, but they won’t charge you a penny for the audition.

Be particular about agents or managers who make outlandish claims to make you a Disney Superstar. You can make castles in the air, but the ground reality is usually poles apart. The most essential thing that your manager or agent can tell you is the right way to a casting director or executive.

Last but not least; the session can be fairly long and sometimes there can also be multiple sessions, so patience is necessary. Once the Disney team producers or casting directors have narrowed down your name, there will be a testing session. It will include the work documentation and this will make you contractually liable for the production period.

Mark writes articles on entertainment and television.