How To Align The Key Points When Filming A Business Advertisement

How To Align The Key Points When Filming A Business AdvertisementSource: Flickr

Every small business needs to have a real-world advertisement. No longer are the animated adverts on websites and search engines good enough on their own. Social media platforms all across the world have similarly adopted mandatory time slots for advertisements to run before the viewer may be able to skip and avoid watching them. Twitter and Facebook specifically have sponsored advertisements which you can utilize, but the most modern and best in class is YouTube. On this video sharing platform, there are sometimes 30-second advertisements which you cannot skip, and other that have the skip button available after 5 seconds. This means that real-world advertisements, with scenarios, actors and relatable situations are in fact, more prevalent and allow businesses to make a great first impression.

1. Casting The Actors

It’s not often that you come into the office and have to worry about casting actors. However, as an entrepreneur, you have to be thinking of everything and ready to take on just about anything. Casting the right people for your advertisement is crucial because the viewer will look to find something relatable within the person, and therefore be able to live vicariously in the shoes of the character. Everything from face, hair and height matter, as well as weight. The best option for a small business is to not aim for the Hollywood type of look, but to be humble and use people that look like regular, every day down to earth human beings with real lives.

2. The Right Location

Coming second to the importance of good casting, is the feeling of the location. Some of the best locations that small and large businesses can seek are from 1st Option. Here you’ll find homely settings in a back garden patio and extra room, as well as pools and jacuzzis. You can also find sports venues, stately homes, as well as modern dining rooms and family home living rooms. The feeling you get when watching an advertisement has a lot to do with the setting itself. Many people can relate to the living room and family home because it’s where many people spend most of their time. The great thing about powerful and down to earth locations is that they can set the mood without any need for dialogue from the actors.

How To Align The Key Points When Filming A Business Advertisement

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3. Real World Issues

There’s no point in making an advertisement if there is no real world issue that can be solved by your business. Viewers need to have a scenario in front of them, that is feasible and therefore more relatable. Many businesses choose to just grab the attention of viewers in the first few seconds, with very little substance. The rise of emotional marketing has shown that people want an actual story, one that matters and something that they have personally experienced as well.

Video advertisements are far from being phased out as many people a decade ago thought would happen. With the avenue of YouTube, where there are advertisements that users cannot skip, small businesses and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make something real and powerful with regards to commercials and marketing.