How To Arrange Time With Your Busy Friends

How To Arrange Time With Your Busy FriendsSource: Pexels

As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to stay in touch with old friends. People move away from their hometowns, they start families, they get jobs, and they generally run out of spare time. You’re probably much the same, but every now and then you just want to call for a time-out on the world and organize something fun to do with all your oldest and closest buddies. Here are some tips to help you organize things with your busy friends if you’ve all become very bad at setting aside time to just relax and have a laugh.

1. Adventurous Activities

Challenge yourselves. If you and your buddies only to get to see each other a few times a year, at most, then you shouldn’t do anything half-heartedly. Don’t head down to the bar if you already do that every week. Do something memorable and outside of your comfort zones to really push the barriers, as suggested over at You want to be left with a buzz that keeps you all going until the next time you see one another.

Try bungee jumping, rock climbing, or perhaps even sky diving. Don’t be ordinary, and plan the next adventurous activity after you’ve finished. You might have months to wait, but the impact of each thing you do with your old friends will make that short amount of time seem much larger and vibrant. As mentioned over at, you just need to blunt and upfront about what you want to do when you and your friends meet up. Don’t hold back, and do something exciting.

2. Online Gaming

This is an inventive solution for the times at which you’re all out of town or too busy to see each other. It’s not a permanent solution; you should still arrange days of the year on which you all meet up somewhere, go out for a drink, watch a film, or do anything fun that you can think of. Still, for all the other evenings on which you’re all free but in different parts of the country, or perhaps even the world, you should consider online gaming as a way to connect and, at least, do something together. You could all communicate instantaneously and play a game as you would if you were in the same house.

Playing an online game is the perfect solution to distance. You could head over to sites such as and have a fun game with a few stakes thrown in to make things interesting. Of course, this should only be an option if you’d all find it fun and wouldn’t be worried about draining a ridiculous amount of money or things spiralling out of control. Betting should only be done for fun, above all else. The point is that you don’t have to wait a few months before you have any contact or form of communication with your buddies; there are always opportunities to organise things through the magic of the internet. It’s less of a commitment, and it’ll tide you all over until you next see one another in person.

How To Arrange Time With Your Busy Friends

Source: Pexels

3. Be Nostalgic

As suggested over at, the most fun thing you can do with old friends is relive those old memories. Visit a place that meant something special to all of you, and make some new memories there. That’ll reinforce the fact that true friendship never dies and you’re all still as close and as good as cracking silly jokes as you ever were. Remember why you were all so important to one another in the first place.