How To Build The Ultimate Gaming Cave In Your Home

How To Build The Ultimate Gaming Cave In Your HomeSource: Pexels

When gaming is your life, you need a space that frees your gaming spirit instead of walling it in. What you need is your own private game cave! It might be your basement, your loft, your garage, shed, or even your bedroom. This space may be small, but it should have everything you need to enjoy hours with your console undisturbed and unperturbed. Check out these top tips for designing the ultimate gaming room:

1. Lights

Playing in the dark is not the best idea, especially if you’re there for a few hours. Instead, look to install some ambient lighting. You can use app-controlled lightbulbs to alter the brightness and even the colour of the light in the room. Why not install strip lighting under the shelves of your book case, or along the kickboards? Keep hot bulbs away from the console itself to avoid excessive heat or overheating.

2. Sounds

Install a surround sound system for the ultimate immersive gaming experience. You can build the speakers into the wall cavity and ceiling to save space and avoid running cables all over the room. If you’re worried about extra volume disturbing the rest of the house why not add some sound proofing to the walls, ceiling, and floor? DIY isn’t always best here as your materials should be fire resistant.

3. Comfort

To ensure extra comfort for the whole evening, you need a pro gaming seat. Find the best gaming desk for your console and screen setup that keeps the viewing area at eye level. Neck pain and poor posture are not fun when you’re still hours away from completing the game. Keep a mini fridge or drinks dispenser nearby so you can stay refreshed and focused. As for snacks? You know healthy is best, but keep a few of those moreish energy bars in the cupboard too.

How To Build The Ultimate Gaming Cave In Your Home

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4. Screen

Is bigger better? That depends on the kind of setup you want. If you know you’re leaning toward VR, don’t waste your pennies on a giant screen. Of course, if you use your gaming room for watching movies with the family, then a big screen and blackout curtains makes sense! There is a golden rule of distance here. The closer you have to sit to the screen, the smaller you want it, especially when gaming. You don’t want to miss the detail on the edge when you’re focused on the center!

5. Setup

You’ve got your screen on the wall, your sound system built in, and the lights are app-controlled. You still need some other bits of kit, though. Think about your controller or your handheld games. When your thumbs aren’t busy, where are you stowing it? Then there is the QWERTY keyboard, the microphone headset, and the remote for the TV. Set your room up so you can easily reach everything you need and everything has its home.

The ultimate game cave might vary from gamer to gamer, but ideally there is plenty of room to move about in here. After all, we’re moving into more immersive gaming and virtual reality. What does your ultimate game cave look like?