How To Create A Safe Working Environment For Night Staff

How To Create A Safe Working Environment For Night StaffSource: Flickr

All business owners should make sure their staff are safe and secure at all times. That is true when it comes to looking after people who work night shifts. In most instances, managers aren’t around to keep a close eye on their activities. So, it’s possible that accidents could occur that workers would have otherwise avoided. There are also many other things you need to consider when creating a healthy working environment for people on shifts. We’ll try to highlight some of the issues you need to resolve in this article.

1. Provide Lighting for Dark Working Areas

You are almost guaranteed to encounter problems if you don’t provide sufficient light. That isn’t too much of an issue when it comes to people who work in offices or factories. However, they might have to venture outside during the night to accept deliveries and perform other essential tasks. Experts at Glowify say that glow in the dark products are the way forward. There are many different designs you could select, but it’s wise to choose the latest technology. With a bit of luck, your team will perform their duties without any hassle if you think ahead.

2. Appoint a Health and Safety Officer

Company bosses should always appoint health and safety officers for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it helps to ensure there is always someone on the floor with the right knowledge and experience. Secondly, it shifts part of the responsibility away from the boss. As we just mentioned, most managers will not work the night shift. So, there isn’t always someone around who can provide advice. Appointing a health and safety officer from within your workforce is sensible for those reasons.

3. Keep an Accident Book and Learn from Mistakes

It’s impossible to predict all the problems that might affect your night shift workers. So, you need to keep an accident book and record any issues that arise. You can then arrange meetings the following evening to discuss the events. Hopefully, the details of the incident will make it easy for you to come to suitable solutions. It’s also vital that you involve your employees in the process. At the end of the day, they are the ones best placed to offer advice and guidance. Also, too many accidents might cause a government investigation or build a bad reputation.

The only other things you need to think about relate to the emergency services. Make sure you contact them ahead of time and ask for the help they can provide. In most instances, they can link your fire alarms to the local department to ensure assistance arrives quickly. You can also do the same with your intruder alarms and the police.

Whatever your company does to make a profit, improving your working environment is the key to success. People who work nights are often forgotten about, but that’s the biggest mistake you can make. Research shows more accidents occur at night when bosses and managers are asleep in bed. So, you need to place extra emphasis on tackling those issues head-on.