How To Create An Enticing Trade Show Display For Your Business

How To Create An Enticing Trade Show Display For Your BusinessSource: Flickr

Anyone entrepreneur will tell you exhibiting at a trade show will increase brand awareness. Trade shows are places where both consumers and people in the industry can learn about new products.

They are also brilliant places to gain inspiration for future product and service developments. You might not be aware of this, but exhibiting at trade shows is a straightforward process. All you do is book your location at the venue and transport your stand and products there.

There is one stumbling block: the design of the trade show exhibit! Many business owners don’t realise their stand is, in essence, a mobile storefront. As you can imagine, a store that doesn’t look appealing won’t entice visitors over.

So, how can you make your stand display visually appealing? Well, each company will have different needs. The good news is some elements work well across the board. When setting up your next trade show stand, be sure to follow these ideas:

1. Hire Someone to Build Your Stand

Unless you are good at DIY and design, don’t build your trade show display yourself! Instead, it pays to hire a professional to craft a bespoke stand for you. Sure, there is a need to invest some money into your new stand.

But, if it means you’ll raise brand awareness and take new orders, it’ll pay for itself in no time at all! Take a look at for some inspiration. The key is to create an attractive stand for your next trade show. Don’t “cheap out” by trying to make one yourself. It’ll only end in tears!

2. Showcase Your Best Products

Let’s say that you are a retailer and you sell all kinds of products in a particular niche. The idea of your stand is to entice people. You can do that by showcasing interesting and compelling products. So, if you’re a computer retailer, forget about display USB sticks. A new to the market Apple iMac, for example, is more likely to draw interest to your stand.

Don’t forget you only have a limited amount of space on your stand. Make sure you only reserve it for the best or top selling products from your range.

3. Offer Hands-On Demonstrations of Your Products

When you hook someone to your stand, they will no doubt want to know how your products work. Giving them a datasheet or showing a demo video from is one thing. Offering them a hands-on demonstration is another!

The advantage of the latter option is consumers can ask questions at any stage. If you give them the right answers, they are more likely to place an order with you.

4. Ensure You Have the Best Lighting Setup at Your Stand

Last, but not least, you can’t rely on the venue’s lighting system alone. It’s important that you supply your own lighting for use at your trade show display.

That way, you can direct people towards particular areas of your stand. For instance, you can illuminate certain products on display.

Good luck!

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