How To Create The Right Look For Your Business

How To Create The Right Look For Your BusinessSource: Pixabay

In between securing funds for your business, setting up a web hosting platform, and trying to come up with a good marketing strategy, you might have given a stray thought to the more creative side of the business. The logo, the web design, the layout of your premises, and even the name of your company. These are all fun things to think about, but ultimately you’re advised to leave that for last and focus on the practical things first. This is generally good advice, but soon you’ll realise that you’re closer to launching than ever and you still haven’t given much thought to these things.

If your business were a cake, then the logo, design, and overall look is the icing and cherry on top; it can wait until last, but you won’t have a complete cake without them. Set some time aside to think about the following things that will create the right look for your business.

1. The Name

Your company name should summarise an entire identity; what your company is, who you serve, and what your goals are for your customers. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. You might have the perfect name in mind, but research could reveal that the name is already taken by another company. Before you start buying business cards and a domain name, you need to make sure you find a business name that won’t be confused with another company in the same industry. You also need to make sure it’s memorable for your customers, and gives them a good idea of the kind of services your business offers. This might seem like a lot to ask from a name, but it’s worth putting some thought into it if it’s the whole identity of your business.

How To Create The Right Look For Your Business

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2. The Look

Whether you have a premises or not, your business needs to have a distinct style and colour scheme. A lot of independent business owners don’t sell their products out of a shop, but they do have business cards with a layout and design that is representative of their business. If you have a premises, you need to make the layout and decor your own; if this is a little out of your depth then you can discuss retail concessions with consultants so that your small retail space is the best representation of your brand. If you don’t have a space, then get creative with business cards, or work hard on your web design. A website is basically an online premises, so it also needs to represent your brand.

3. The Following

There is no point in putting so much creative energy into a project that will never get noticed. Short of making your logo extravagantly bright or tastelessly showy, you can’t rely on the design and look alone to generate community interest in your brand; you’ve been putting together a marketing strategy for a reason, so make sure you use this to promote your new business. The look is important, but it’s still just icing.