How To Find Out If Someone Is Stealing From Your Business

How To Find Out If Someone Is Stealing From Your BusinessSource: Pixabay

Having an employee steal from you is always a traumatic issue to have to deal with. But these things happen, so here’s how to find out if someone is stealing from your business.

1. Review CCTV Footage

When you suspect that someone is stealing from the business, one of the most important things that you should use is the CCTV footage you have. This will show you exactly what has been happening in the office, and could help you get to the bottom of the problem immediately. If you don’t have a CCTV system in place, then this is something you should do quickly. It could help you a lot when it comes to identifying the root causes of money or resources going missing from your business.

2. Do Inventory Counts

To be absolutely sure what is missing, you’ll have to do physical inventory counts. This will tell you how much stock you have. You can compare that figure to the amount of stock you think you should have. If the amount is less, this proves that someone is trying to steal from you. This step is vital because if you don’t do it, you might start accusing people of things without being sure what is actually happening. So, double check the facts before you start suspecting people of things.

3. Look for Changes of Behaviour

Sometimes, the best way to find out who is stealing from you is to look for changes in their behaviour. They might start to act nervously or suspiciously when you ask them if they know anything about the money that’s gone missing. Or maybe they are starting to spend more money than usual. Of course, you can’t jump to any conclusions too quickly, but this could be a good starting point. From there, you should continue your investigations and keep their behaviour in mind.

4. Use an External Investigator

If you’re really not sure about who’s responsible for what’s going on, you could bring in the professionals. It’s probably not a good idea to go straight to the police before you know what’s happening though. Instead, you should hire an external private investigator who will be able to use their skills to investigate the problem. Give them access to the information they need to carry out their job, and you should start to see results soon. They’ll be able to do a much better job of it than you would alone.

5. Confront the Suspect

Once you have a clear idea of who the culprit is, it’s a good idea to approach them. You should sit them down calmly in your office, and present the evidence you’ve found to them. Give them a chance to admit it and explain themselves. If they take this chance, you might not want to get the police involved. But if they’re not willing to admit to anything, it might be time to call the police and have them take on the issue. Give them the evidence you have and then let them take care of things.