How To Get Your Company In Everyone’s Pocket

How To Get Your Company In Everyone's PocketsSource: Pexels

There is so much noise these days it can be almost impossible to see your marketing stick in people’s minds for longer than a few seconds. Most marketing is little more than the advertising version of those sticky wall climber toys you used to get way back in the day. To give it to you in analytical terms, a Facebook ad has a lifespan of around 40 minutes. That’s not exactly great, is it, especially when you compare that to something like a branded bag for life which has a potential lifespan of, well, forever.

With that in mind, we have come up with a list of ways you can effectively market your business so that you are forever in people’s pockets because the longer you cement yourself part of their day to day life the more chance you will be etched into their conscious and seen by others. And breathe. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

1. Business Cards

These are the most underrated form of marketing and the first thing you should shake up and improve on. This is because business cards have the ability to stay poking out of people’s wallets and a tendency to find their way into the right people’s hands. Of course, to really succeed, you’ll need to focus on two key areas. First off, spend the time creating a memorable business card. That’s imperative. Secondly, be clever about how you use them. Tuck them into popular books at your local library, hand them out as bookmarks, leave them in the waiting room and pin them to the notice boards of your local supermarket.

2. Branded Merchandise

Every company knows how great branded merchandise is for marketing, which is why they hand out freebies at every networking and industry event going. However, most don’t know how to go about using this strategy to maximum effect. That’s where you can have the upper hand. If you run a gym where your customers are required to sign in, then why not use branded membership cards like the ones made by this company? That way your logo can be seen on key rings everywhere your customers go. Or if you have a business that creates nutrition supplements, then focus on branded water bottles – especially the ones with inbuilt filters that are all the rage – knowing that these will be used in gyms and on park runs. By doing this you will be marketing yourself to the right passersby.

3. Loyalty Programs

Another way to permanently reside in people’s pockets and thus get flashed while they are out and about – for far longer than any Facebook ad lasts – is to create loyalty cards that get people looking and talking and returning your business. Coffee shops are a classic example of how these work in retaining customers and prevent them from going elsewhere. However, like everything, they only succeed if you encourage them too. That means using tips that will boost completion. For example, instead of handing out a loyalty card that has eight blank spaces for them to fill in before getting that something for free, have ten spaces, but stamp two of them when you hand them out. It may seem impossible, but this has proven to double the completion rate. Winning.