How To Make Sure Your Business Has Not Got Contaminated Water

How To Make Sure Your Business Has Not Got Contaminated WaterSource: Pixabay

Any tap water that is used as drinking water could have contaminants in it, whether it be sand, dirt, insects, or even worse, mould. If you are a small business that works in a factory, the odds are your water sources are not the freshest, and are likely to impair your health. If you are concerned about the water quality supplied through your old, and possibly rusted taps, it is a good idea to consider investing in a water filter. Products to improve your water quality can range from inexpensive for a jug filter, to a little more costly for a long-term option installed.

For an immediate solution to your water troubles, you may want to consider purchasing a Brita water jug. It is a quick fix to contaminated water, with any contaminated filter having to go through a filter. The filter collects all contaminants and provides you with the sterilised water in the jug. The only downside to a Brita water pitcher is that it is not a permanent solution to your problems, as the filters do need to be replaced after 50-100 jug refills, and for those using the water jug regularly it can become quite pricey to buy new filters for it continually. The cost of these may build up, and in the long term, you are probably better looking at a more permanent option.

Many businesses who rely on water regularly in areas such as commercial industries, mining or design may consider the installation of water filters that can filtrate the water at a bigger level. Some of the latest hi-tech industrial reverse osmosis systems provide mass water filtration that guarantees you will not be adding contamination to your products. The installation of this product may be an expensive option for many businesses; however, it is a necessity if you rely on the use of water in your business. It is also a one off cost, rather than regular small outgoings from other water filters, such as the Brita filter. Poor water quality could spread disease and illnesses if you used on products that humans come into contact with it. If you are concerned about the cost, think of the benefits a long term water filter will have for yourself, your employees and your customer base.

If you don’t rely on water that regularly in your business, want to save money and your water supply is used purely for drinking, you could always invest in some cheap water jugs and use boiled water to fill them. This can be a time-consuming process the first time it is done, but soon enough you will be in a routine of making your water fresher, and you will be saving money at the same time. Having 5 or 6 jugs filled with water in a small fridge will allow you to access the water quickly. Ensure you make the water cool before drinking, and always boil a new batch after you empty the jug to ensure there always water left in the fridge.

Regardless of the industry, you work in, there is always going to be a solution to any contaminated water issues you may have. Hopefully one of these ideas will have you on the way to fresher water.