How To Make Your New Office Irresistible To Investors In Singapore

How To Make Your New Office Irresistible To Investors In SingaporeSource: Flickr

In a world of saturated markets and fierce commercial competition, individuality is everything. For modern businesses in Singapore, it means having the ability to stand out. If you do not have a unique personality and a memorable brand, customers will forget you. Not only that, but investors will move on to the next opportunity, without taking a second look.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to strengthen your brand. You could, for example, invest lots of money and time in your online presence. These days, even companies which don’t sell products on the internet spend a lot of their resources on slick websites. Experiential marketing is another effective method, as is securing a prestigious office address.

In fact, the importance of a great office location should never be underestimated. Keep reading to find out why it is such a valuable asset.

1. Pick the Top Spot

Ideally, you want an address which is prestigious enough to wow the investors. It should look impressive right from the moment they see your brand name in a newspaper, trade magazine, or other publication. Virtual offices are a quick and easy way to achieve this because they give business owners unrestricted access to fully equipped corporate suites. Visit to find out more.

2. Make It Easy to Access

Prestige is not the only valuable asset, however, because accessibility is essential for your employees too. The best offices are located in busy, thriving business districts, and they are close to transport links. Check out Temasek Boulevard, Market Street, and North Buona Vista Drive for some great examples. These areas are where investors look first for big business deals and opportunities.

3. Be a Big Presence

It is always useful to be located in or around a distinct, instantly recognisable building. There are lots of them in central Singapore and competition for the best offices can get fierce.

Fortunately, you can get your hands on premium office real estate in the CapitaGreen and PSA buildings by signing up with a virtual provider. The rates are very low, because the cost of a shared workspace is shared among lots of tenants.

4. Think Plenty of Parking

It is easy to overlook essential features like parking, but they can make a big difference to how employees, investors, clients, suppliers, and other affiliates experience your office. Try to secure a workspace which provides the essential bits and pieces, because then you will have more time to focus on the important stuff. Also, by having plenty of parking, access to swish boardroom spaces, and high-end resources you make your company look advanced and sophisticated.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Even if you find the best office in Singapore, you should not assume that you will always be there. You could find yourself growing fast or want to take advantage of fertile market conditions to double the scope of your company. In either case, you’d likely need a bigger office with slightly different facilities. The beauty of a serviced workspace is that you can upgrade at any time.

6. Why Virtual and Serviced Offices Are a Fine Choice

For businesses in Singapore, there are lots of commercial real estate options. However, many of them are becoming unsuitable for small companies. They demand long-term commitments and sky-high fees, which make it tough for a venture to grow in those early years. The good news is that virtual and serviced solutions are different.

They never demand lock in commitments and allow tenants to pick and choose their resources according to a ‘menu’ system. Essentially, this means that you can make changes to your terms at any time. If you move into a serviced office, for example, you can stay as long as you like, but the lease is rolling – there are no penalty fees for terminating the contract.