How To Make Your Office Breaks The Best Breaks Of All Time

How To Make Your Office Breaks The Best Breaks Of All TimeSource: Wikipedia

What truly sets the modern office apart from its ancestors? It doesn’t feel like the work itself. Sure, we’re producing different things these days. But when you watch a show like Mad Men, you realise that office life hasn’t changed dramatically in decades. (Except there’s less smoking, drinking, and sexism now. Well, less smoking and drinking, at least.)

No, the real difference in modern offices, aside from the technology, comes in a modern sense of fun. Think of all those Silicon Valley businesses. They want their offices to seem like the coolest place ever to work. When it comes time to recruit new employees, people are lining up for opportunities to work for them. How do they do it? They incorporate that strong sense of fun. They do it by making their office break times look like the coolest thing ever.

Here are some of the things you can bring into the office to help your office breaks become more awesome!

1. Game Consoles

Video games are no longer the underground thing people used to be able to pretend they were. Everyone seems to be playing them these days. Let’s face it, they’re pretty amazing ways to unwind!

Video game tournaments in the office are great ways for people to blow off some steam. It’s also a great way for people to get to know each other. If you want to take it a step further, you could consider getting an arcade cabinet in the break room!

2. Copters

How To Make Your Office Breaks The Best Breaks Of All Time

Source: Wikipedia

No, not an actual helicopter in your break room. I’m talking about the small multi-rotor drones, like the ones you read about on RotorCopters. If your work has an outdoor space, then these things are pretty much essential.

But you can get smaller ones that are more suited to indoor use. I guess you would have to be pretty strict with their use, though. You don’t want mischievous employees distracting people with drones hovering over their desks!

3. Bean Bags

How To Make Your Office Breaks The Best Breaks Of All Time

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Normal chairs are for squares. Bean bags as furniture were introduced to the world in the sixties, but they still haven’t managed to lose their cool. The way they conform to your body make them one of the most comfortable things you can sit on.

Having them in your break rooms accentuates the lack of rigidity in your office. The fluidity of their shape and the sheer comfort they afford lets people know you’re a fun, laid-back company. They’re, like, totally a metaphor!

4. Board Games

How To Make Your Office Breaks The Best Breaks Of All Time

Source: Wikipedia

Laugh all you want. Board games have proven time and time again to be amazing ways for people to forge bonds and have fun. The fact is that they simply haven’t gone out of style. Who could say no to having a board game based on The Fonz in your office?

The only problem is that board games often take quite a long time. But games can be carried on over several breaks. In fact, people may choose to have board game sessions in the office after work.

5. NERF Guns

I haven’t ever worked at an office where there weren’t NERF Guns on site. Seriously, they’re everywhere. And people seem to fire them all the time, even when you’re trying to work. Actually, I take this suggestion back. NERF Guns are annoying.