How To Motivate And Maintain A Loyal Team Like A Boss

How To Motivate And Maintain A Loyal Team Like A BossSource: Pexels

Setting up your business is just the start of your independent career. You may have your brick and mortar building in place, your overheads covered, an eye catching logo and a unique brand name. Your website may be sleek, pristine and easy to operate. Your products could be the best on the market at the most competitive price. All of this could be in place and perfect but your profit margins could still be dwindling and your business may be falling flat on its face. The problem? Employees. Your staff are the heart and soul of your company and make all the difference when it comes to making sales and bringing customers back again and again. So how do you go about motivating and maintaining a loyal team? Here are a few tips and tricks to try out yourself.

1. Why Prioritise Your Staff?

As the writers at The New Black Magazine know well, staff are the key to profit. At the end of the day, this is probably the main motivation behind you setting up a business in the first place. So prioritise your staff members’ well being. Healthy and happy workers are more productive workers. They are also less likely to leave and will loyally promote your brand and products to everyone who is willing to listen.

2. Employing the Best People for Your Brand

Know your brand. Know what you are selling and know who you are intending to sell to. This will determine the kind of individual you should employ in the first place. Someone may seem like the perfect sales person on paper. Their CV might have excel when it comes to experience and achievements. But if they just don’t suit your company, none of this is relevant. Think of your brand, your image and the kind of vibe that you want surrounding your business. If you want a relaxed approach to sales, greeting customers and making them feel comfortable and familiar in a low pressure situation, someone who specialises in hard sales may work perfectly for another company, but will prove ineffective and inappropriate for you and your brand. If you want fast sales with maximum profits, a laid back individual with an overly friendly approach might fall flat at the first hurdle when selling for you. It’s important that you know what you’re looking for in an employee. Conduct interviews too. Even if you are an online business and won’t be seeing your staff on a day to day basis, you can still communicate via message or conduct a Skype interview. This will give you a better feel for a potential employee than you can gain from simply reading a CV.

How To Motivate And Maintain A Loyal Team Like A Boss

Source: Pexels

3. Train Your Staff Effectively

When staff start up, don’t just throw them into the deep end and expect them to fend for themselves. Engage them in a training scheme, where they will feel supported and gain confidence in their role. It is important that every single staff member knows exactly what is expected of them in the workplace. If they are comfortable in the knowledge of what they are meant to be doing, they will carry out their tasks seamlessly and without having to be reminded or bothered. This reduces pressure on managers and staff alike. Things will run more smoothly, jobs will be completed properly and in good time and you will have a better overall atmosphere in the workplace. Don’t leave training either. Make sure there are regular refresher sessions to keep staff at the top of their game. Also ensure that sufficient training is given for any individuals switching job roles. Never assume that people will just know what to do without being briefed first.

4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

We cannot emphasise the importance of effective communication enough. You need to make sure that the barriers between you and your staff are open. Otherwise issues, problems and complaints will be bottled up until the floodgates open and they rush in at a rate you cannot deal with easily. So talk to your staff. Check whether there are any problems in the workplace or your working system that could be improved. Resolve any problems effectively and quickly. Some staff may be a little shy and scared to raise problems with the boss directly. So offer the chance for anonymous comments and suggestions. This could take the form of a survey which can be submitted into a discreet suggestions box. This will give workers the confidence to communicate how they feel and what needs to be done to make their role more comfortable and allow them to be more productive. It’s a win-win situation. Happy workers make for a happy manager or business owner.