How To Outfit A Small Office Cheaply

How To Outfit A Small Office CheaplySource: Pexels

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur just getting started, or a student renting your first off-campus apartment, there’s no need to spend a fortune on office furniture. Consider a secondhand desk for homework and used office file cabinets to organize your tax papers. Before you head to the used furniture store, check out these tips that can save you even more money.

1. Choose Items That Serve Multiple Functions

Multi-use items do not just save space; they also save you money by allowing you to buy fewer items. A square stool can serve as a table, foot rest, plant stand, and as a seat. The top of a file cabinet could hold light books with bookends. Couches and benches may have hidden storage.

Modular storage solutions, such as crates and bins, can stack on each other and also move easily.

2. Look for Quality Used Items That Last

You won’t save money if you have to replace your chair in six months because the legs broke. Look for sturdy construction. Check for loose screws. Do not assume that you can simply replace a screw, because the screw hole may be stripped.

Review manufacturer specifications online for the item, if you can. Many items have weight limits that should be considered based on your intended use for the item. It’s important to be conservative with weight limits on used furniture. You do not know if some of the furniture’s internal structure has broken down over time, compromising its ability to hold the original load limits.

3. Learn Basic Furniture Fixes

If the used furniture has a scratch, look for matching color markers to fill in the scratch. With a bit more time, repaint or refinish the furniture. Holes can be filled with putty or plaster.

The top of a used cabinet can be hidden with a placemat or a sheet, and a decorative plant placed on top.

Used furniture can be a great solution for your new student or small business office.