How To Plan A Fun Day Together With Friends

Planning A Fun Day Together With FriendsSource: Pexels

Spending time with friends is one of the simplest pleasures in life. Whether it’s going to a bar and having a couple of drinks on a Friday night or heading off to another city or country for the weekend, there are plenty of ways to hang out with your friends and have a blast.

Your friends are typically there for you for most of your life, so it’s always a good idea to spend some quality time with them and very few things beat going on a day out with them. So stop sitting at home playing video games all day and start contacting your friends about a fun day or weekend together!

1. Pitch the Idea to Your Friends First

The last thing you want is for a friend to bail at the last moment or tell you that they can’t make it to your event that you planned just a week in advance. Give your friends time so they can clear their own schedules or even take time off work so you can plan a big trip together. The idea here is to get everyone on the same page because not everyone likes the same things. If you want to give them a good reason to hang out together, then they need to be able to enjoy the event you have planned. Pitch a few ideas, get everyone into a Facebook conversation and start sharing your ideas.

2. Sports Day

From go-cart racing to watching an upcoming sports match, if you and your friends share a common interest in a sport then you’re going to have a great time attending a game together. Sure, you might all support different teams, but having a little banter and a rivalry is never a bad idea! Look up online to see the latest upcoming matches and book your tickets in advance. Currently, ANZAC Day tickets 2017 are very popular and many of the best seats are already sold out! So if you’d love to go to a popular sporting event, look no further than ANZAC.

Planning A Fun Day Together With Friends

Source: Pexels

3. Daredevil Days

One of the most memorable types of activity to go on with your friends is something that is extreme and will leave long-lasting memories. For instance, bungee jumping and rock climbing are fantastic events that usually come packaged with photographs and pictures that you can take home with you. These can be printed on-site or sent to you via an email. Bungee jumping is one of those exhilarating activities that will leave precious and funny memories for you and your friends to look back on for many years to come.

4. Gaming Nights

If you and your friends enjoy geeky pleasures, then nothing will beat huddling around a table and playing some board games, computer games or even classic pen and paper games such as Dungeons and Dragons. You might be adventurous enough to try a new board game every week, and you can do fun activities such as rotating who brings the game each week, making it a night full of surprises, fun memories, and lots of fast food and snacks!