How To Plan The Business Event Of The Year

How To Plan The Business Event Of The YearSource: Flickr

Business events are a splendid way of marketing your company. But, what do you need to put on a great event? Carry on reading, and you’ll soon find out:

1. A Big Venue

No one will remember a small event in a tiny hall. So, you have to find yourself a big venue. In my opinion, it’s best you find something like an auditorium. Some cinema complexes have special screening theatres for business use. You can hire one for the day and host your event in there. It creates a big spectacle. Or, something like a big lecture hall in a university will work too. Basically, you’re looking for a large venue with loads of comfortable seats and a stage. Find something like that, and your event is off to a good start.

2. Technology

If you want your event to be a success, you have to make good use of technology. It doesn’t have to be something super crazy, just a splash of tech here and there. Get some large LED screens from companies like iMAG Displays, and set them up at your event. You can use them to play videos or have cool graphic effects on them. It enhances your event, makes it seem super modern and awesome. Even using a tablet and having it on stage will give your event a clean look. The public respects a business that uses technology in any way shape or form.

3. Humour

The best events are ones that people enjoy. And, what better way to make people enjoy an event than with some humour. Have a few jokes prepared, and tell them throughout your presentation. Get the crowd laughing, make them warm to you. People will remember an event if they were laughing and having a good time. It’s possible to be professional while also adding in humour here and there. Finding that balance between professionalism and humour is key. Don’t go overboard with the jokes or people will forget they’re at an event for your business.

4. An Audience

It seems silly to say, but, you need an audience for your event. You could’ve set up the biggest event in the country, but people need to know about it. You’ve got to ensure that there will be a packed audience in your venue. To do this, you have to promote your event. Start promotion early, as soon as you set the date of the event. Get flyers and posters designed and hand them out/hang them up. Then, get on social media and start posting updates about the event. Also, create a promotional banner for your social media pages and website. Do everything you can to ensure people know that this event is happening. It’s a good idea to create tickets for the event too. Use all this promotion as a way to persuade people to buy tickets and attend your event.

Keep these things in mind if you want to put on the business event of the year! Play your cards right, and it will be a night that’s remembered for years to come.