How To Protect Your Home From Burglaries During The Holidays

How To Protect Your Home From Burglaries During The HolidaysSource: Pexels

The holidays are right around the corners and it’s that time of the year for shopping and gift-giving. It’s also a popular time of the year for home burglaries. Here are some tips to protect your home from burglaries during the holidays.

1. Set up a Security System

You should have some type of security system set up at your home with home automation and professional monitoring. To gain more of an understanding of an ideal security system, determine the needs of your home and the neighborhood you live in. You can obtain information about your neighborhood’s crime statistics by contacting the local police department.

2. Spot Any Vulnerabilities

You can do this by taking a walk around the outside of your home. You will need to see the home through the eyes of a potential burglar. If it’s easily noticeable that one of your windows can be pulled open, then it’s likely that a burglar will figure it out. Check for any valuables that can be easily seen through windows such as furniture or electronics. If you are able to, make small modifications to keep costly items out of sight.

3. Put up a Fence

Having your house fenced-in is a great way to keep trespassers off your property. Fences that are ornamental metal or open chain-link are recommended since they prevent lifting and are secured in concrete. While many homeowners prefer solid fences for privacy, they provide burglars a hiding place and they are easier to climb.

4. Install Motion Sensor Lighting Outside

Motion sensor lighting will shine bright on a potential burglar the minute he/she steps foot on your property and ward off that person from trying to enter your home. Make sure that you also add lighting to the dark corners of the home.

5. Secure Your Vehicle

An unlocked vehicle is among the easiest targets for a break-in. Lock your doors and windows at all times and do not leave any valuables in plain sight. Items such as purses, electronic devices, and cell phones should be taken inside. Keep in mind that just because you live in a safe neighborhood doesn’t mean a break-in won’t happen.

6. Be Watchful of Your Packages

If you ordered items online to be delivered to your home, it’s common for packages to be stolen from your front porch. Set up alerts on when your packages are anticipated to be delivered so that you don’t let your packages sit. Another alternative is to have your order shipped to the store for you to pick up.

There’s no perfect way to prevent a burglar from staking out your home. Being proactive and securing your home can help protect your family and your valuables. At homeowners can explore custom security options to keep themselves and their homes safe.