How To Start A Window Cleaning Business In 5 Steps

How To Start A Window Cleaning Business In 5 StepsSource: Wikimedia

We all know the importance of keeping our homes and office workspaces clean. Not only does it make the areas we frequent look tidy, but it reduces slip and trip hazards. Many of us also clean the inside of our windows for hygiene and appearance reasons.

But, it can often be a hard task to clean exterior windows. As a result, they often end up looking neglected and covered in dirt and moss. If you’re not a fan of standing on a tall ladder, you won’t want to clean your exterior windows yourself.

If you are happy to do that, you could cash in on a lucrative gap in the market! Window cleaning is a traditional niche that is growing each year. There is a demand for skilled window cleaners that provide domestic and commercial services. If that’s a service you wish to provide, keep reading to learn how to get started!

1. Make Sure You Are Physically Fit

Before you begin, it’s important that you have a healthy physique. Why? Well, you’ll spend a lot of your time working at great heights. The last thing you want to do is lose your balance several feet in the air!

Also, you shouldn’t have medical conditions that may affect your work. So, if you suffer from vertigo, for example, this probably isn’t the right career move for you.

2. Establish Your Business

You’ll need to register your new enterprise with your local government authority. Some window cleaners operate on a self-employed basis. Others decide to go down the incorporated company route. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, speak with a business adviser first.

Other things you will need to do include:

> Registering for a tax ID;
> Organising business liability insurance;
> Getting business cards printed out;
> Having a website designed and email setup.

3. Buy the Right Tools for Your Work

Next, you will need to make sure you have the right equipment to carry out your work. For a start, you’ll need a van that can transport you and your equipment around.

You must also invest in some ladders for obvious reasons. I recommend you buy some fall protection kit too. There are many sites where you can read more about the products available to you.

4. Determine Your Target Market

You’ll also need to consider whether you wish to target residential or commercial clients. Some window cleaners even offer their services to both markets.

It’s worth doing some market research in your area. Find out how many window cleaners there are in your locale. Compile a list of domestic and commercial providers, and identify the gaps in the market. You can then use that information to your advantage!

5. Get New Customers

Last, but not least, you’ll have to start getting new customers! Marketing and advertising solutions are the ways to achieve that goal. You might not think it, but online marketing and advertising is better than offline. Many people use their smartphones, for example, to search for local service providers.

By ensuring you have an online presence, you won’t miss out on those opportunities. Good luck!