How To Start Your Own Football Team

How To Start Your Own Football TeamSource: Pixabay

If you a lover of the beautiful game, then you may well have had aspirations to play. While there are many local teams dotted all over the place, you may find that you are not lucky enough to have one close to home. Or, you may just fancy yourself as a team manager or coach rather than someone who is out on the pitch.

You may want to think about starting up your own football club. Football teams are a great way of men and women of all ages to keep fit and enjoy all of the benefits of being part of a club or a team; such as the friendships that it offers as well as the help it can provide to those with mental health issues.

Knowing where to start when forming something like a football team is always tricky. Here is a guide to some of the things that you may want to consider.

1. Use Social Media As A Jumping Off Point

Finding people to get involved in your team is important. Without others, it will just be you. If you don’t personally know anyone, get onto social media to start looking. Put posts up in local interest groups on Facebook and engage with potential members. While you starting out, you will still need to have an idea about what you can offer potential players who will join up, and how much it will cost them in subs.

Sites like meetups are great for forming teams, it is worth posting and seeing what the level of interest is at the earliest stage. You could also put out calls for people with specific skills to offer the team so that you can form a committee to run the club.

Take contact details of interested parties and ensure you keep them in the loop as you progress.

2. Find A Place To Train

You will need to find a place to train. There may be many municipal fields designed for sports that you can hire. Often these are relatively cheap. Failing that, there are many sports centers that have facilities to hire.

3. Create A Budget

Ensure that your subs cover venue hire while leaving spare money for administration, any kit required such as balls, whistles, and cones.

Someone should take responsibility for the finances, and you may want to appoint or hold a vote to decide who the team treasurer should be.

4. Pick A Name And Get Some Kit

A team is nothing without its identity. Pick a catchy name that sums up what the team is about, or where they are based. Then get your kit made up. You can buy your Joma Teamwear and have your logos printed onto it. Keep your local simple and use as few colors as possible so that you can keep the costs down.

5. Train Hard And Register With The League

Once you have formed, you should register with the amateur FA so that you can start to play other teams. Reach out to teams nearby and try and arrange fixtures. In the early stages, it may be best for you to play away games. Finally, have a coaching plan, train hard, and remember to have fun.