How To Successfully Navigate A Commercial Business Relocation

How To Successfully Navigate A Commercial Business RelocationSource: Wikipedia

So, that long-running dream is finally manifesting into a reality. You’ve got your business started, and now you’re making enough money to relocate it into an office. As exciting as this time is for you, if you don’t approach it in a smart way, the whole project could end in a catastrophe. Here are some tips for moving into your new office.

First of all, choose an office removals company. This is a huge niche within the moving industry. Businesses are relocating all the time. Many companies offer specialised moving services to accommodate for this. This might sound like a trivial decision to you, but be careful. Relocating your business, and getting back into the usual swing of things, can be a long process. During this, you’ll be going through a fairly significant period of downtime. You need to find a moving service which will be quick and efficient, ensuring you don’t lose too much revenue while you’re setting up! You might get quotes from home moving companies which are incredibly cheap, but don’t be tempted! Always choose movers who have worked with businesses before.

Next, create a floor plan for your new office in advance. Again, this is in the interest of efficiency. If you move everything into a new space, without having a set plan for how you’re going to set it up, you could end up wasting a lot of time. Having chosen a good commercial moving company, you should be able to discuss this new office plan with them. This will save you the stress of having to be at your new place, directing countless moving staff. To make sure you get a good plan in place, visit the new office well in advance. You should take measurements of certain areas, and look for the best way to use the available space. You’ll need to think of machinery, wiring for a phone system, and any number of other things. Messing this up can be very costly, so take your time!

Finally, set out some rules and guides for your employees to follow. Often, the biggest moving catastrophes are caused by a lack of communication. If any of your staff miss a beat, it could affect everyone else at the company. There are a few rules of thumb for any business relocation. For starters, make sure all your employees’ personal effects are packed by them, and clearly labelled with their names. You don’t want to be held responsible for losing pictures of everyone’s kids! Pack any smaller items, like folders and books, together. This will save space and make unpacking smoother. Don’t waste time by emptying out filing cabinets either. Instead, simply lock them up and let the movers do their thing. Smart, little things like this can make the whole relocation much easier.

Commercial relocation is rarely a simple, stress-free process. However, once everything’s unpacked and things are running as usual, I’m sure you’ll get a unique satisfaction. Put in the work for organising your relocation now, and the transition will be so much easier.