How To Turn Your Attic Into The Ultimate Man Cave [Infographic]

How To Turn Your Attic Into The Ultimate Man Cave Infographic

Have you ever thought about converting your unused attic into a secret man-cave? Yes, well we’re here to help! In this piece we’ll guide you through everything you’re going to need in order to create the ultimate man cave!

We start with showing you some awesome technology to have in your man-cave including things such as, an interactive pool table, virtual reality and the craziest gaming setup you’ll have ever seen!

Next we detail everything to make sure that your attic is actually suitable to convert into a man-cave. First we break down everything you’re going to need to check before you start blowing holes in the roof to make room for that awesome fireman’s pole! This includes checking the headroom, going through the different types of roof structures and showing you different types of conversion, so you can pick which one is right for you. Also not forgetting to talk about the dreaded “p” word, price.

Finally, we’ll give you some examples of man caves that have already been created to give you some inspiration. You won’t believe how amazing they look!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to create the ultimate man cave!


How To Turn Your Attic Into The Ultimate Man Cave by Rubber Bond.

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