How To Turn Your Upcycling Hobby Into A Business

How To Turn Your Upcycling Hobby Into A BusinessSource: Pexels

Thanks to the internet being so accessible, it’s now possible to turn just about any passion into a thriving business. One creative area that has really taken off in recent years is upcycling, and if you’re talented in this and enjoy different projects, it’s something that could earn you good money. Upcycling is good for the environment because it means things are being used rather than going to landfill and it also creates less of a demand for new furniture factories to open. People love upcycled furniture since it’s completely unique, and you get a modern looking piece which still has a history. Here are some ideas for the materials you could use in your upcycling business.

1. Wood

Wood is a good medium to work in as it’s versatile, and providing there are no signs of damp or rot wood can last pretty much forever. You can sand it down, paint, repaint, stain, oil. You can transform an old piece of furniture that looks very outdated into something beautiful- switch up the drawer pulls and any legs and give it a modern revamp while still keeping the integrity of the original piece. Even things like pallets can be transformed into coffee tables, old doors can be made into headboards- if you have creative vision the world is your oyster. You can find old solid wood furniture cheap or even free on places like Craigslist and Facebook groups so once transformed it means you can make a fantastic profit.

2. Metal

Metal is a trickier material to work with since it’s less forgiving. When things don’t fit together quite right for example it can cause issues, you need to use things like washers, special bolts and shims. You can buy these kinds of things from shim suppliers which are invaluable when it comes to projects in metal and will allow you to get a perfect fit every time. You can transform things like tables and chairs made from metal and glass- a far more difficult project than wood but very satisfying once you’re done and perfect if you’re up for a challenge.

3. Upholstery

Upholstering furniture isn’t easy, it can take a lot of practice to get right, and you might even need to go on a course to show you how to do it properly. However being able to re-upholster furniture can earn you a small fortune. Being able to take a tatty old sofa or chair, replace the foam pads if they need it and recover with new material will mean you can sell your projects for hundreds. People will also pay a good price to have their existing furniture recovered, so it’s a fantastic skill to have if you like to upcycle. Familiarise yourself with different textiles and materials, know how they react and what’s best to use for various projects. For example, anything with too much stretch or that frays easily won’t be a good choice, and for furniture, you want materials that are hard wearing.