How To Use Free Social Media Networks To Boost Business

How To Use Free Social Media Networks To Boost BusinessSource: Pixabay

You probably have already accepted that the market for a business, any business, is incredibly competitive. For this reason, you need to be looking at how to reduce spending while also increasing profits as quickly as you can. Putting these two different ideas together leads to one answer; free online marketing. The best form of free online marketing is using social media to your advantage. You can use every social network to boost your business, and we are going to show you how with a few examples.

If you haven’t already, you should set up business profiles on every major online network. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

1. Using Twitter

Twitter is the easiest social network to use for boosting your business. All you need to do is start using it as an informative resource for people in your business industry. Update your feed with the latest news and information that relates to your business. That way, you’ll become a valuable resource to those who would be interested in your product or service. But, you can go further than that.

You can start retweeting the heavy hitters in your industry. This might even be your direct competition. By doing this, you’ll get the interest of their customers, and if you can offer them a better deal, you might be able to steal a few. Be sure you source the account you are retweeting to get this effect. Once you make big gains in followers, you should start tweeting links to your site with teases as to what you are offering. Your Twitter feed should also be available to view on your site and or blog.

2. Using Instagram and Snapchat

The way brands and businesses are being marketed is changing. Lately, the favour has been towards sharing visual information. Luckily, you have the accounts on the networks that you can use to do this. Let’s start with Instagram. If you’re attending a business conference or trade show, you should be advertising this on your Instagram account. Remember to use hashtags. Hashtags lead to shares that in turn result in a higher search ranking. You can use the Instagram infographic by Issa Asad to find out exactly how to do this.

As far as Snapchat goes it works in a similar way to Twitter. It’s about keeping people informed. Rather than providing information about the industry you give updates about your business.

3. Using Facebook

Last but certainly not least, is the old fashioned way of marketing through Facebook. All you have to worry about with Facebook is keeping your page fresh with new information daily. If you can, you should also try to post ads that offer consumers information here. Don’t forget to link this to your business site as well so that your followers can find you online. Also, you should start discussion groups on your page where customers can interact with each other. You can then slowly nudge them to visiting your site while participating in the discussion. This is a clever marketing technique that is often very effective.