How Touchscreens Are Changing Business Computing

The traditional keyboard and mouse approach to controlling a PC has been with us for a long time. But now the touchscreen is threatening to change things completely and that’s good for Business.

We’ve become used to using touchscreens on mobile phones and tablets. But now with the advent of Windows 8 and its new user interface they’re starting to appear on our desktops too. They’re also making inroads into commercial fields with applications such as interactive displays in museums, customer service kiosks in shops and so on.

Touchscreens in some form have been around since the 1980s so it’s perhaps surprising that they’ve taken so long to make an impact on our day-to-day computing. Partly that’s down to the fact that the original Technology was fairly crude and couldn’t manage more than one point of contact or tell how hard you were pressing. However the latest devices such as Elo touchscreen PCs are much more sophisticated. That combined with the latest touch-ready operating systems and the fact that they’ve proved intuitive to use even for those without computer experience is part of the reason why they’re now taking off.

Business Uses For Touchscreens

Whilst they may be attractive to consumers who routinely deal with photos or spend a lot of time surfing websites, touchscreen systems are most at home in business. They’re ideal in manufacturing environments where a keyboard would be vulnerable to contamination and spillages. By wall mounting a touchscreen it can be easily accessible at a workstation without getting in the way.

Their resistance to spills makes touchscreens popular in catering and medical applications too. Whether it’s front of house in a restaurant, accepting orders in the kitchen or allowing patients to check in for appointments or self-diagnose, touchscreens are ideal.

They’re ideal for point of sale use too. We’ve probably all used self-service checkouts at the supermarket, one of the most noticeable applications. They’re also good for providing interactive content which makes them ideal for museums or tourist information centres or to provide counter-top information about new products or special offers. They can be used to check if products are in stock or as part of a reservation system.

7 Key Advantages Of Touchscreens

1. Small footprint

2. Wall mountable

Choice of widescreen or square formats

Easy to use even for the non-technical

5. Safe from contamination and spillage

6. Professional look

7. Hidden cables to prevent tampering

Touchscreen technology has been proven to make it easier for people – whether staff or customers – to access applications. This reduces the learning curve required for new systems and increases the speed of tasks. A touch screen requires less concentration than a keyboard so it’s great for multi-tasking. It’s also good for customer-facing staff who need to access a system whilst still maintaining a dialogue with the person in front of them.

If you’re thinking of implementing touchscreen PCs in your business then it’s worth talking to a specialist supplier who can advise you on the best solutions for your needs. The Elo touchscreen range for example is adaptable to a wide variety of situations and business uses.

Ben is a freelance writer specialising in technology subjects. If you want to find out more about what touchscreens can do for your business Visit This Page.

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