Introducing Russian/German Electronic Crossover Group ‘My Woshin Mashin’

My Woshin Mashin

My Woshin Mashin (that’s right – My Woshin Mashin) was created by 3 friends from Russia and Germany. It happened in 2010 when Bibi Tulin and Hugo Simons left their previous bands and decided to make something new and different. Together with Wolfgang Scherman (their German friend who lives in Berlin and wears a crocodile mask) they gave a strange name to the project – My Woshin Mashin.

Later, under the influence of German dance tunes, Mike Patton’s work, English metal bands and old school music, these three released their first demo-tape “Amazing Demo”, extended play “We Came in Peace” and their first long-play “Mawama” which was called “amazing (9/10)” in Brutal Resonance E-Zine, “funkelnden Kitsch” in Zillo Magazine and “better than amphetamine” in Russian Billboard.

Twenty One – Official Music Video

Musically, My Woshin Mashin is eclectic and intense, but not without Humour. Visually, the group’s music videos have earned them recognition on MTV, in art schools (their “Twenty One” video has been shown in multiple art schools as an example), and even surrealistic trash movies such as “The Smell Of Love”, which sold out on DVD.

My Woshin Mashin’s new full-length album is appropriately titled “EVIL MUST DIE”, and was released on April 30th.

Evil Must Die – Album Trailer

Of the new album, the band says “Our first album was about the characters we love (leutenant Columbo, Robocop, Godzilla etc). Hard beats, funny lyrics, dance tunes…you know, a very funny album. But when we were working on “Evil Must Die” we decided to concentrate on things from the “real” world – degradation of the television, money as a modern god, animal rights, really bad people we know and their behaviour, the loneliness of true heroes etc. By this album we’re trying to say that people must be more intelligent and simple, they must to try to change themselves into a better way and try to find the real values of life. It’s not about the money, a good job, democracy, power, expensive stuff, social networks or television. But it’s about the inner God who can be described simply – Love.”

Evil Must Die – Full Album Stream

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