Introducing Swedish Americana Indie Rock Group ‘Slim Loris’

Slim Loris

Slim Loris, from Stockholm, Sweden, blends Indie Pop/Rock with Americana and a pinch of Swedish melancholy. The band formed in 2009 by Mattias Cederstam (vocals, bass, piano) and Robert Barrefelt (guitars), from the remnants of two indie acts, and released a collection of demos entitled “Amateur Night at the Asylum” the year after.

In 2011, Slim Loris’s debut album “Down To Earth” was released, led by the 1st single “Low”, showing the band’s fine-tuned song writing skills and classic rock sense of melody. says “Slim Loris cuts nothing less than a shambling masterpiece” and gave the album an 8.7/10 score. Billboard Discoveries says of the release “What Slim Loris have accomplished on their full-length, “Down to Earth” is a sombre turn to the usually poppy sound of the 60’s British invasion”. Two songs from Slim Loris were also featured in the Swedish film “Var kommer mjolken ifran”.

Down To Earth – Full Album Stream

The follow up release entitled “Future Echoes and Past Replays”, a mature, emotionally charged album showing progression in the band’s song-writing and production, is due to be released on May 19th.

Future Echoes And Past Replays – Full Album Stream

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