Is A Career In The Beauty Industry Right For Me?

Is A Career In The Beauty Industry Right For Me?Source: Pexels

When you choose what direction, you want for your career, it is important to think of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as what interests you. The beauty industry is competitive, with over 40,000 hairdressing and beauty businesses already residing in the UK. This is why it is essential that you consider what area you truly want to be in and why.

1. What Sort Of Personality Do You Need?

Taking a step into the world of beauty means that you have to have the right personality to match its day to day life. Working in a salon means that you will have a constant interaction with your salon’s clients. You will need to fully understand customer etiquette and be willing to have a hands-on approach to finishing your work during the day.

2. Do You Want To Open Your Own Beauty Salon?

The idea of opening your own beauty business is quite a big challenge, but doable if you figure out the logistics of your salon with a marketing plan. Every successful salon has a marketing plan that allows them to figure out their targeted demographic, their beauty skill set, the schedule of the workplace, the booking of clients, as well as any potential advertising that could be attained from social media, newspapers or through posters.

You also need to figure out the best location for your salon, and whether or not you would like it to be big, medium or small. If you think of these ideas in advance and plot them out, keeping in mind that you will need to be flexible as your market may change along the way.

Make sure you also consider all the different costs that come with owning your own salon such as ensuring you have adequate insurance from a company such as Salon Gold.

3. Do You Want To Work For A Beauty Salon?

It can be extremely stressful creating your own salon, which is why if you are interested in the creative, then you should consider becoming a nail technician, beautician, barber or a hair stylist. Whilst these career options do require training and a potential qualification from a college or university, you will always have the chance to try out new styles in your chosen salon.

4. Do You Want To Be A Beauty Journalist/Writer?

Have you always had a unique flair when it comes to writing about different make up styles or aesthetic looks? This is a different side of the beauty world that you may not have considered before. But as Jane Cunningham, a top beauty writer and blogger, has said: “The beauty world is big; from packaging and product development to PR and marketing, so find out all you can about what aspects of the industry would suit your skill set.”

Whilst you can always go for a university course, if you want to truly be unique. you can even start looking into the less conventional sides of beauty. Instead of looking at normal palettes, take a look into body painting or SFX. This way you can remain diverse in your beauty topics to intrigue your readers about the different areas of beauty writing.

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