Key Elements For SEO On Any Website [Infographic]

Key Elements For SEO On Any Website Infographic

Any business that wants to build an online presence needs to be familiar with SEO practices. You need to work on getting your website to show up on higher in search engine result if you want to raise your brand image. There are various elements of SEO that are essential to learn and understand to do this.

1. On-page SEO

On-page SEO is just what it sounds like. It’s all the things you need to do on a web page to get it noticed and taken seriously by search engines. This includes a smart use of keywords, headings, and tags. It can take a while to master the elements that make up good on-page SEO practice.

2. Responsive Design

Mobile searches are now more popular in the US than desktop searches. This means that any website that shows up in search results needs to have a responsive design that works on mobile devices. A desktop site or a separate mobile site is no longer satisfactory.

3. Unique Content

Unique content is essential to make your site stand out. This is especially important for ecommerce sites that might get product descriptions for manufacturers or sellers. It’s essential to write your own product descriptions, instead of using the same content that many others use. Google isn’t a fan of duplicate content either on one website or across several of them.

4. Link Building

Having links from other sites that lead back to your site is an essential part of building your website’s authority. However, there are many mistakes you can make, and you’ll be penalized for bad link-building practices.

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