Murder Mystery Nights – Fancy Yourself As A Classic Criminal Detective?

Murder Mystery Nights – Fancy Yourself As A Classic Criminal Detective?Source: Flickr

Become part of a classic piece of detective fiction by attending a murder mystery night. Enjoy drinks, dinner and death as part of this unforgettable event.

Brits have appreciated the classic ‘whodunit’ for decades. The longest running theatre show in the world is Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” which has now been on stage for 64 years. The writer contributed many pieces of detective fiction during her lifetime. These included the creation of unforgettable characters including Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and the lesser known couple Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, who all used their incredible detective powers to solve murders, which usually took place in huge country mansions, often amongst the finest members of the upper class.

Many of Christie’s murder mystery novels have been transformed into TV shows that allows the audience to fully engage in the process of deduction, eventually leading to the big reveal of who the killer is.

As enjoyable as these TV shows are, a far superior way to enjoy this thrilling type of entertainment is to take part in a murder mystery night.

1. What Is A Murder Mystery Night?

Guests should think of a murder mystery event as an interactive theatre show combined with a dinner party.

The evening will commence with pre-dinner drinks during which suspicious characters who are played by actors will intermingle with the guests. As you chat alongside your friends and other dinner guests, you will have the opportunity to interact with these characters and quiz them on their background and motives. Watch them closely as they work their way through the groups putting on various scenes which will unfold before you.

Your powers of scrutiny will be tested as clues are revealed and key information will be interwoven into conversation. Towards the end of the drinks party, a deadly scream will be heard from the corridor and a murder will have been committed by someone amongst you.

2. Identifying The Perpetrator

As you make your way through to the dinner hall, you will pass by the victim and be asked not to let the gruesome sight spoil your appetite. An authoritative figure will enter whilst you enjoy your starter course and you will be urged to look at documents contained in evidence packs which will be handed out to each table.

By the time dessert is served, each table will be required to issue a verdict form and the ‘big reveal’ will take place during the coffee course. Those who have guessed the correct identity of the murderer will be rewarded with a prize.

3. Team-Building Events

Murder mystery nights offer the perfect opportunity for a team-building event. The activity lasts for around 3 hours and is suitable for parties of between 8 and 150 people. A few team-building challenges can be woven into the proceedings which gives dinner guests a chance to bond socially whilst testing their problem-solving abilities. There is a great balance of work and play so as not to completely overload dinner guests with problem-solving whilst trying to appreciate the excellent standard of cuisine being served.

Murder mystery nights usually take place at an indoor location such as a hotel or a country house and can be held worldwide. A wide selection of themes are available including Downton Abbey, Halloween, James Bond, Cluedo and 1950s Hollywood. Become a part of a classic work of detective fiction and book your murder mystery event today.

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    Felt like we were in one of those Sherlock Holmes or Perry Mason books while reading this. To actually have the scene unfold right in front of our eyes, wow! Sounds thrilling.