NYC Comedy Web Series ‘The Louise Log’ Plans 3rd Season, Launches Crowd Funding Campaign And Feature Film

Louise Log

Producer/Creator Anne Flournoy’s “The Louise Log”, a comedy web series written by Anne Flournoy and Sandra Vannucchi, is currently enjoying a new-found popularity after earning a recent ‘Best Web Show’ nomination at the 2013 Shorty Awards. “The Louise Log” stars Christine Cook, Jennifer Sklias-Gahan, Pascal Yen-Pfister (star of Splinter Cell: Extinction – Fan Series), Danusia Trevino (creator/star of Wonder Bread), Mathilde Dratwa and Catherine Siracusa. The scripted series has two seasons (34 episodes) on and YouTube, and plans to shoot Season 3 this Fall. Those who want to support the series can get involved at

“The Louise Log”, based on the inner life of a real NYC housewife, has become an underground favourite, earning seemingly unlikely recommendations from the likes of playwright Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues), comedian/actor Suzy Soro and film critic Roger Ebert. The series’ audience tunes in to hear the confessions of Louise, a Greenwich Village wife and mother with a high-maintenance husband, an addiction to caffeine and an over-active inner voice.

Created, directed and produced by Guggenheim Fellow and veteran Sundance filmmaker Anne Flournoy, The Louise Log started off as a no-budget exercise in getting back to work. With the addition of professional sound, new cast members (Louise Log fan turned co-star Jennifer Sklias-Gahan) and a twitter mention by Roger Ebert, the series began to attract a wider audience.

When Chrysler released a minivan ad on national television featuring a mother doing a whispered voice-over, Roger Ebert tweeted about it: “Was a no-budget web series ripped off by a minivan commercial? See the uncanny similarity.”

Should We Be Flattered?

“At this point, we realized that we’d better write a press release and get this series out to the world.” says Anne Flournoy.

More recently, Suzy Soro, (comedian/actor who has appeared on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, author of ‘Celebrity sTalker’) got enraged when she saw a Target commercial which ends with a woman whispering over the Target logo at the end. A few weeks later, on Saturday April 9th, she tweeted a nomination for “The Louise Log” to win a Shorty Award ‘because Target stole their idea’. By April 18th, “The Louise Log” had garnered enough votes to squeeze into 6th place and earn the nomination.

The Sundance Institute is also launching Anne Flournoy’s first feature film “How To Be Louise” online via Netflix, Hulu and iTunes on May 7th. Indiescreen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (where the film was shot) will be showing “How To Be Louise” on May 3rd at 7PM. About “How To Be Louise”, the New York Times says “A Judy Holliday character who seems to have fallen into a Jean-Luc Godard film.” and the New York Post called the film a “black-and-white gem”.

How To Be Louise – Trailer

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#24 How To Cope With Your Inner Cat (5:08)

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