Musical Interlude #12

Musical Interlude #12

In this twelfth instalment of Musical Interlude we have Music videos from Flight Facilities, Jape and Lushlife, an Imogen Heap cover by Pentatonix and an animated video featuring music from Aldo Aréchar. The album recommendation is the new “unyieldingly bleak” third record from Crystal Castles. Clair De Lune by Flight Facilities Feat. Christine Hoberg That… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Using An SEO Company – How To Find Them And The Benefits Involved

Having an effective marketing plan is something which is simply pivotal to the success of any company. This is even more so the case today. The recession has had a highly negative impact, and thus people are being more cautious with their money. This means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses and thus… Read more »

Common SEO Myths Hurting Your Website

SEO is viewed by many newcomers to the world of owning a website as something of a black magic art full of arcane rituals and strange knowledge. Furthermore, many people who try to break through the veil of mystery surrounding Optimisation often fall victim to lots of outdated information, harmful information or outdated SEO myths… Read more »