Nottingham Band ‘Dead Souls’ Leading A UK Grunge Revolution

Dead Souls

Dead Souls are a 3-piece alternative rock band, based in Nottingham, comprising of Michael Preston (vocals/guitar), James Lee (drums) and Gaz Lews (bass). With Mudhoney, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden all having released albums recently and Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins (fresh from their amazing Glastonbury performance) set to release albums in the fall of… Read more »

Introducing London Band ‘False-Heads’


False-Heads are a band from London, whose influences include Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Pixies, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, The Beatles and The Sex Pistols. Their New EP ‘Tunnel Vision’ is available to download now for free, or listen to below. “The name False-Heads had been around since 2010 and there were some early demos but to be… Read more »

5 Great Gadgets To Save You Money


One of the best parts about living in the 21st century is the abundance of technological gadgets that we have at our disposal. It seems like every day a new gadget is being unveiled that makes our lives easier and more convenient. Smart shoppers can also find tech gadgets that will save them money. Here… Read more »

5 Inspirational Seating Solutions

Inspirational Seating

When you’ve had a long day at work, you’re out for a meal, or you’re having a discussion group, you definitely want to make sure you have a comfy seat to sit on. But not only do you want it to be comfortable and stylish, being perfectly suited to your home or business is also… Read more »

Have An Adventure In Bhutan


Bhutan, it may be a country known to few, but one you can have a tranquil and at the same time exciting trip. Its ideal location at the eastern side of the Himalayas makes it a perfect tourism destination for fun filled and exhilarating adventurous trips, its geographical landscape constituting mainly of steep high mountains… Read more »

Why Are There Still Skills Shortages In Australia?

Skills Australia

Despite the fact that the Australian government has invested millions upon millions of dollars into the employment market, there still seem to be significant skills shortages in Australia. This is an issue which is going to dominate the forthcoming election in September 2013, amid concerns that there are no feasible long-term policies in place to… Read more »

Musical Interlude #18

Musical Interlude #18

Musical Interlude is a regular series featuring some of the latest and greatest music for your consideration. So sit back, relax, pour yourself a drink and take half an hour out of your week to enjoy some aural and visual delights. Pixies and Arctic Monkeys are back! Watch their new videos here, as well as… Read more »