Photography Inspiration #7

Photography Inspiration 7

Photography Inspiration is a regular series featuring some of the worlds best photography for your consideration. In this seventh edition we have collated 30 outstanding recently uploaded photographs. Whether you are looking to improve your own technique or just want to admire some excellent photography, you are sure to find some inspiration in these exceptional examples.

a message. by HOWLD

a message.

maybe it’s from god or maybe it’s from you. I’ll be there….

**For those of you who spotted the word on the beach, congratulation. For those who did not, it’s ok. It’s like trying to find that someone in your life; it will take more than just luck to find it. It requires observation, choices, timing and faith.**

girl in restaurant by gorbot.

girl in restaurant

glasgow, january 2014

Pennine mist, West Yorkshire by Simon Higginbottom (

Pennine mist, West Yorkshire

Taken an hour after sunrise just as the sun was starting to burn through the morning mist.

318 by BjørnP


charlie chaplin by M@ssiP 

charlie chaplin

Untitled by trevis_lu


Contemplation. by kitchou1


. by Mark Entwisle


James’s Street, Dublin. [EXPLORED, 13th March, 2014]. by Dave from Cork

James's Street, Dublin. [EXPLORED, 13th March, 2014].

Nekku by Sami Heiskanen Photography


Maria by R.Singson


Beaming brightly by Keartona

Beaming brightly

More shots from the other week around Ladybower and Derwent valley.

5882 – Edited by Oless

5882 - Edited

Untitled by Yoshikazu.K


preamble | ramberg, norway by elmofoto

preamble | ramberg, norway

An ideal cloud cover combined with the sun’s low angle made for a color-riffic day.

Sunrise over Brisbane by SamPetherbridge

Sunrise over Brisbane

Giant cuttlefish by Deep Bubble

Giant cuttlefish

Untitled by SamAlive


On a beach in Sydney by flickfischer

On a beach in Sydney

The Commute by James Yeung

The Commute

Anamorphic experiment

ume by * Yumi *


Halong boat by The One, the Don, the Pedro

Halong boat

Stuck in the Middle | Coney Island Cyclone during Winter by MichaelTapp

Stuck in the Middle | Coney Island Cyclone during Winter

That’s SlowLittlePhoto strutting in front of Coney Island’s famous Cyclone roller coaster during the winter. Coney Island is a hauntingly beautiful place during the off-season.

26-001 by roberke


ps_shore_4327 by piet4ps


beach bumbed

Can you keep a secret? by Blind-C-Copy

Can you keep a secret?

Mist in the park ( Explore! 14-03-2014. Highest known position 327 ) by Stefano Mattiocco

Mist in the park ( Explore! 14-03-2014. Highest known position 327 )

Lowbake by Wayne Grivell


Suburban anonymity.

mars 2014-843 by AndràsV-

mars 2014-843

Untitled by mieke v. willems


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