Saving And Making Money With B2B Appointment Setting

Saving And Making Money With B2B Appointment SettingSource: Pexels

Entrepreneurs and startups sometimes struggle to obtain sales leads. New to the process of marketing tied to sales, they need assistance beyond that of a publicist.

Using B2B appointment setting companies helps with this process by providing specialized representatives trained in cold calling who conduct lead research and follow up with cold calls to top-of-the-funnel leads. This provides an edge for the startup’s closing sales representative to focus on product details with their sales pitch.

Delegating prospecting to an appointment setter, also called a sales development (SDR), ensures you only spend time on qualified leads likely to move through the sales funnel with proper nurturing. Outsourcing saves you time and money. Your account executives only contact those with purchasing power and who fit the sales product.

These specially trained individuals develop the following skills:

> They understand value propositions and effectively deliver them.

> Identify the appropriate point of contact for each account.

> Understand prospect pain points and deftly handle objections.

> Gather intelligence for the company’s sales staff on each prospect.

> Apply the provided sales and appointment setting process daily for consistent results.

> Effectively navigate the customer relationship management (CRM) to document the gathered intelligence.

> Increase productivity with accelerated call volumes.

This process works best for sales of high-ticket products and those with long lead times. B2B sales tend to be the toughest because those in the purchasing departments receive specialized training on top of their degree in business and natural purchasing savvy. Their business’ budgets constrain them and the business sets parameters for purchasing including requirements for sole source determinations.

The appointment setting service saves your business money in many more ways than simply freeing account executives to focus on qualified, high-quality leads. It also does the following:

> You spend less on software and hardware licenses.

> You save having to spend on recruiting a high-turnover SDR position.

> You save having to spend on training new SDRs (typically a staff of two to three individuals for a small business).

> You spend less on employee benefits since you employ fewer people.

> You reduce overheads.

You can choose between two payment models – a monthly flat rate or a per appointment rate. A per appointment rate lets you scale easily as you build the startup, while established business benefits from a monthly flat rate. The range for these services varies vastly with a low of $10 per lead to $500.

Use an appointment setting service to increase your quality leads to better your chances of closing sales. For a small investment, you can sell more.