Should You Use An Online Accountant For Your Business?

Should You Use An Online Accountant For Your BusinessSource: Pixabay

New startup businesses get faced with all kinds of decisions they must make before they trade. One of the questions they get faced with is who to appoint as their accountant. It’s no secret that there are thousands of accountancy firms out there that one can use.

The trouble is; many of them have an “old school” approach to accountancy. They believe in recording things by hand on paper, and seldom use technology in their day to day work. As you can imagine, it takes such accountants a long time to get things done.

When you run a business, you need to know that your suppliers are dependable. Accountants are one type of provider that all companies use. Sure, you might not have regular contact with them. But, you need to know they are on hand to get things done within an agreed time.

Until a few months ago, I was using an accountant that was rather useless at getting things done on time. As a result, I made the decision to move elsewhere. I also did what some might perceive as a radical step. I looked around for online accountants and found one that I’m still using today!

Should you consider using an online accountant for your business? Well, I’m going to play devil’s advocate and say yes; here’s why:

1. Convenience

Let’s face it; as you’re reading this blog post, you will no doubt spend some time using the Internet. It’s also a common fact that the Web helps businesses to improve efficiency. One such example is through the use of an online accountant.

Years ago, you’d have to spend a day each quarter with your accountant. The purpose of each visit was to run through the financial records of your business. Nowadays, you and your accountant can access your accounts via a Web app. That means everything is accessible in real time and is up-to-date.

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Now you don’t have to take time out of your busy day to run through your books with them. They can just do that themselves using the software that you use!

2. Savings

We all know how much accountants charge their clients. As with lawyers, they will charge you for every meeting or conference call you have with them.

When you use an online accountant, your business ends up saving lots of money. That’s because you don’t need to meet each other in person. You can both use the Internet to communicate with one another. Of course, there’s always Skype if you must insist on having a face-to-face meeting with them!

3. Paper-Free

We all strive to have a paperless office. When you take up the services of an online accountant, that’s a big possibility! In my case, I can “approve” accounts that get filed by reading and signing a document online.

I don’t need to print anything out, and neither does my accountant. So, now you know the benefits of using an online accountant. Isn’t it time you made the move?

Should You Use An Online Accountant For Your Business 3

Source: Pixabay

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