Sports Kits For The Discerning Gentleman

Sports Kits For The Discerning GentlemanSource:

If you’ve got your wits about you, you’ll have noticed that the sportswear industry is, by and large, focused on performance. And, who can blame them? Most people want something that’s appropriate for what they’re doing. Dinner jackets and rugby don’t mix. But there are so many industries that have made a good job of marrying form with function that now we expect it from our sportswear too.

Think about what Rolls Royce have done with their Phantom. Here we have a ludicrously powerful car with all the comfort of a luxury saloon. Actually, a lot more comfort.

I don’t think we need to compromise any longer on fashionability. In fact, sports clothing has kind of taken on a fashion status of its own.

Everybody gets that sports clothing necessarily looks the way it does. But within that necessity is a world of options. Many little things can turn an ugly PE kit into something that really looks the part, whatever sport you’re into.

Perhaps you’ve just bought yourself a brand new road bike. But that hand-me-down, skin-tight lycra from your dad to go with it just doesn’t look good. It needs to stay in the 1970s where it belongs, alongside mullets and flared jeans.

If you’ve not got your own kit already and want something to complement your beautiful new machine, find something that works. Buy something matching. And keep the design fresh and simple. You’re not an advertiser for a Fortune 500 company, so don’t dress like one.

The more discerning gentleman might also be somebody who plays a spot of polo at the weekend. This is a demanding sport, requiring fine control of a horse, as well as hand-eye coordination. It’s a bit like trying to play tennis whilst riding your bike. But let’s cut to the chase. This sport is as much about gravitas and style as it is about competition. Finding the best Polo Kit is almost a part of the sport itself.

When choosing polo kit, you’re often able to customise your garments to a high level of detail. Perhaps you want your new outfit to echo the colours of you family crest. Or perhaps there’s a specific colour scheme that is emblematic of your local area.

Make sure that the brand you choose is not only stylish, but also durable. Polo takes its toll on clothing.

Lastly, one place that has been leading fashion in men’s sportswear for a long time is golf. Here is your chance to get on the cutting-edge of fashion and do your eighteen holes in style.

Golfing attire has always been designed with comfort in mind. But it’s also so varied that you can almost use it to complement your own personal brand. If you go with a polo shirt in the summer, choose a colour that’s unique to you.

The biggest names in fashion are on the golf scene. Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Oakley and Lyle & Scott are all out there vying for your business. Match one of their polo shirts to a branded jacket, do your rounds, and return to the clubhouse in style.