The Absolutely Awesome Truth About Outsourcing

The Absolutely Awesome Truth About OutsourcingSource: Pexels

If you are sat there thinking that the word outsource is a dirty word, then either you own a large business or have been hanging around with too many people that work for large businesses. If, however, you are the owner of a small or medium sized business, then the word outsource should be printed out, laminated and then hung above an altar because outsourcing can save you money and help you achieve more.

Web design, general design, IT support, copywriting, bookkeeping, admin, mobile development; all of this service can easily be outsourced, meaning you don’t need to suffer the cost of upkeep that comes with having everything in-house. So, before we get into the benefits of going down this route, let’s quickly go through how you can save money as a business:

> You won’t have to pay full-time salaries where you don’t have to.
> You won’t have to pay federal (or whatever the equivalent is where you are) tax.
> No holiday or sick pay. None.
> There will be no paying for training either.
> Oh, and you also won’t have to pay for some oversized office space that you can’t afford.

Okay, now that we have covered the most important and attractive benefit of outsourcing, it is time to put in the decisive blows by quickly going through the other benefits that you can enjoy like a cold Pina Colada on a warm summer’s day:

1. Compete with the Bigger Businesses

One of the reasons why big businesses consider outsourcing to be a dirty word is because they hate the fact that it has levelled the playing field. Before this became a thing, SMB’s had no way of competing because they didn’t have the capital. Outsourcing, however, has let them dip into an incredible pool of talent at affordable prices. Of course, there are certain questions should ask before partnering up with an outsource company but, yeah, take that big business.

2. Specialist Knowledge for Less

Let’s take the IT support department you have, which is made up of one – maybe two – technicians that you have to throw a lot of money at in order for them to keep up with industry trends. Now let’s compare that to you outsourcing your IT support needs to someone like Level 5 Mgmt, which will allow you to have a more specialist knowledge and a broader scope of understanding at a better price. It is what one could call a no-brainer.

3. Far Better Quality of Work

This may be a tough pill to swallow but swallow it you must because outsourcing on a task-by-task basis guarantees a better level of work for the simple fact the freelancer’s reputation is on the line. If they don’t deliver top quality work then you can just go elsewhere next time. What’s more, they will want to get it done fast because that is how they get paid quicker. It is very simple when you think about it.

4. Far, Far Better Efficiency

It is just the whole fast work equals fast pay equation, it is also because people who work remotely have been proved to work much hard. They have a better record when it comes to productivity and that is what tapping into the freelance world will achieve for you. Don’t believe us? Then how do you explain that two-thirds of businesses have reported more productive behaviour on this front?