The Best Care For Your Best Pal

The Best Care For Your Best PalSource: Pexels

It is so easy to love dogs. If their smiling faces, lolling tongues and endless happiness aren’t enough, then the fact that they will love you back unconditionally is. The best way you can show love for your furry friend is to care for them and provide for their needs. Let’s look at some of the basics when it comes to pet care.

1. Choose the Right Bed

Bigs dogs and small dogs alike can agree that a nice cozy bed is one of the simplest joys in life. Shop for dog beds online to find the perfect one for your best friend.

> Thick Beds. If your dog loves to cuddle or feels safe when snuggled up against soft blankets, then a thick bed may be the best choice. Thick, plush beds with fleece or flannel coverings are sure to keep him from shivering on cold winter nights.

> Memory Foam. Perfect for older dogs who have joint problems, memory foam beds meld to the shape of your dog and help cradle him as he sleeps.

> Chew-Proof. Puppies aren’t the only ones who enjoy chewing. Mouthy dogs love to chew on everything, and unfortunately, this does not exclude their beds. Buy a special chew-proof bed to prevent him from turning his sleeping place into an explosion of foam.

2. Food for Thought

While the “grain-free is bad for dogs” argument is still up for debate, the bottom line is to choose a dog food that works for him.

> Just like if you were buying food for yourself, ensure that all the proper nutrients and protein levels are appropriate for your dog. Check the nutrition facts before buying. All-natural ingredients should always be the first thing listed on the back of the bag.

> The belief that human food is bad for dogs is something of a myth. While yes, there are certain human foods (like chocolate) that are hazardous to dogs, there are plenty of healthy human foods that they can eat. If you are hesitant to spend money on dog food, make your own. Check the list first to make sure that nothing dangerous is going into the mix.

> Switch out brands every so often. Like humans, dogs can develop allergies or intolerances to certain foods. This is especially true if they have been eating the same exact food for several years. Add variety to your dog’s diet and switch which brand you feed him every three to six months.

3. Playtime

Canines are playful creatures! Nurture that adorable instinct by giving your good boy the best toys for his needs.

> Food Puzzles. There are many varieties of this kind of toy, but food puzzles are a great option for stimulating your dog and rewarding him at the same time. He is challenged to use his brain and figure out how to work the toy in order to get the food.

> Balls and Throwing Toys. Retrievers, in particular, have the instinct to chase and fetch. Buying a good-quality ball that can withstand heavy chewing is a great option for Rover. A throwing stick is also a great option for you to getting avoid slobber and grime on your hands.

> Knot and Rope Toys. Heavy chewers like rope toys because they are durable and tough. They are great for fetching and playing tug-of-war. Test the strength of rope toys in the store before taking one home; thinner varieties are more easily torn and shredded.

For all their licking, drooling, barking and overall messiness, dogs make the world a better place. Taking time to research the best-quality items for your best pal will make you both happier and remind him just how much he is loved.