The Changing Face Of London’s Skyline [Infographic]

The Changing Face Of London's Skyline

London’s skyline has changed significantly over the past 15 years. Contemporary buildings like The Shard and The Gherkin have made a huge impact on the cityscape and have paved the way for a more cosmopolitan architectural landscape in London.

This infographic provides an overview of some of the latest additions to London’s skyline; it offers a background of each building, outlines its impressive features, provides details on accolades received and offers an interesting fact on each building.For example, did you know that The Shard is covered in enough glass to cover eight football pitches? It’s kept shiny by a team of six abseiling window-cleaners. They tackle one side each week, and after finishing the fourth side they start back at the beginning, so their work is never done! The infographic also looks at what people are saying about the new additions to London’s skyline, including the views of architects.

The Changing Face Of London's Skyline Infographic