The Exhausting Truth About Business On The Road

The Exhausting Truth About Business On The RoadSource: Wikimedia

It’s no secret that more of us are now commuting substantial distances to get to work. As living prices in cities rise, we have no choice but to move further afield. As such, most of us take to the roads in some business form or another.

But, in some cases, being on the road is the business itself. This the is the case for delivery drivers, van drivers, and even some door-to-door salespeople. Rather than driving to the office, your vehicle is your workspace, and the road is your colleague. For those who’ve had enough of office politics, it can seem like a dream. Imagine not having to please anyone. You could listen to your favourite podcasts as you drive, and enjoy the stunning scenery. What could be better?

There’s no denying that there are benefits to a career like this. But, it would be naive to assume it’s all plain sailing. In truth, there are a few reasons many of us opt to stay in the office. We’re going to look at two of them here, and consider ways around each.

1. An Unmanageable Risk

It seems fitting to mention the risk involved with road-based careers. In the office, your employer has legal responsibilities for your safety. As such, you can rest easy that you’ll never come to any harm. On the road, things aren’t so simple. There’s no way for your boss to make this safe for you. In fact, their responsibility here ends with maintaining your vehicle. The rest is down to you, and fate.

An obvious way to ensure this isn’t a risk is to drive carefully. That way, you can look after yourself to some extent. But, you can’t control what other drivers are doing. As such, it’s essential you know what to do if another driver causes an accident. Talk this through with management before going anywhere. It might be that you need to contact an accident lawyer like Hendrick S. Crowell. Or, your company may already have a lawyer in place. Find out to make sure an accident doesn’t end up crushing your finances.

2. Long Hours

Another primary reason to avoid this career path is the long hours. Van drivers often park up and sleep in laybys for this exact reason. But, even a seemingly close to home job on the road could mean longer hours than you expect. For instance, getting caught in rush hour city traffic an hour or two from home could extend your day up to three or four hours. And, that’s after a full day of work! If you’re quite happy to accept the workload, make sure that your boss pays for time spent on the road. Some companies only pay for the jobs themselves. In that case, this is far from worth your time.

You could always avoid this to some extent by altering your times wherever possible. Check your route for each day the night before, and avoid city areas as much as possible at prime times.

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