The Extra Mile You Should Be Going

The Extra Mile You Should Be GoingSource: Pixabay

If you aren’t going the extra mile at the minute with your business, then it most definitely is going to show at some point or another. Because business is all about applying yourself and pushing yourself to do better, and we really do think that the only way of doing that, is to think about ways that you can go the extra mile. Because there are companies all around you, some newer and some older, but all who have the same agenda as you! But the difference is, everyone has a different skill level, and everyone has a different knowledge level. So you could be thinking that you’re doing absolutely everything right, and there’s nothing more that you can do to apply your business more, but there are people out there who are doing it! So, for all of you who are suffering at the minute with your business, or perhaps you just feel like it’s not generating the most money at the minute, this post is for you. We want to enlighten you as to how you can push your business further, and the rewards you’re going to get from it. Sit back, relax, and see if you can take anything from the tips that we’ve got below for you!

1. For Your Customers

Your customers are the ones who you should be thinking of first. We do believe they’re the bread and butter to success, and how you interact with them is going to play a massive part in how successful your company is. But if there’s one thing that we know to be true, it’s that customers are often last on the list. The only thing a company does for them is sell them products, it’s rare that you find a company who goes the extra mile, to the point where the customer feels like the they’re important. This is the trick that we feel so many are missing, and the trick that so many could benefit from! So, think of how you interact with your customers at the minute. Are you full on, or are you someone who sort of shys away and lets them come to you, do the sale, and then wave them off. Well, whichever you are, you actually need to be a mixture of these. To make the service personalised, you have to really try and get to know what your customer needs, and what their likes and dislikes are. Once you master this, we really do think that you would be hitting the nail on the head. Your customers would feel like you’re not only just bothered about the sale, and you’ll often find they’re coming back for more purely because they like the personalised service that you’ve given! Doing follow ups is also really good. If you can get consent with the customer to email them, just dropping them one once a month to see how they are, how they found your product or service, and if they’re interested in anything else you’re selling. You don’t want to do it too often so that you get annoying, and you most definitely don’t want to be pushy within the email that you’re sending!

2. For Your Employees

Going the extra miles for your employees is something you’re either going to be really good at, or it’s something that you’re totally failing at. Even if you feel like you’re the best boss in the world, it really might benefit you to think about what we’ve got to say, just do you can see if you really are going the extra mile or not. So, the first thing we think you can do, is think about things such as the benefits you can give your employees. Not just giving them pay rises or promotions, going the extra mile to ensure you’re the best company for them. For example, one thing a lot of companies fail to offer is health care for their employees. It’s one simple thing that could make their lives so much easier! A health job can sometimes be so so expensive when going to hospital or the doctors, especially if the person in question wants the best care possible. But you could go even further than that. You could think about offering company cars, monthly bonuses, and early finishes for those who are working the hardest! But do you want to know what you could do that’s so much simpler than that? You could think about the way that you speak and interact with them. Simply getting to know them and asking how they are, are the basics that we think so many company owners are missing out on. Make sure they have safe and happy working environments to come in to, and make sure that you’re keeping on top of any work related dramas. There’s nothing worse than having a workplace that’s just full of drama and bad vibes all of the time. We know you can’t force it, but as much as you possibly can, make sure your employees are friends!

3. For Your Finances

You might get this one twisted, and assume that money should be going the extra mile for you. When you’re actually making profit, becoming a little bit complacent is easily done. You do nothing with your money but watch it come in and out, and it’s not really doing anything for you when it does. Plus, you run the risk of getting used to actually having profit, and then not knowing what to do when it starts to dip again. So, if you want some of our best advice, you should think about investing to see how your finances can go the extra mile for you. Investments can be a bit of a scary thought when you’ve never done it before, and you’ve probably read about all of the horror stories that surround it. Because of course, there’s always the risk with any investment that it isn’t going to work, but you have to put that aside to see what’s going to work for you. So, tip number one is to ensure you’re going to speak to a financial advisor, as well as an investment broker. Trying to go it on your own is pretty much impossible, but with the wisdom of both of these, there’s so much that you could actually do! Try small investments such as with forex trading. Once you start to really make money, you could think about property investment. But we definitely think you should start off small! Try different ones, find your favourite, and stick at it until you make some profit!

4. For Your Sales

You should always be going the extra mile for your sales, and we know that most of you won’t be doing so at the minute. The sales really are the backbone of your company, and without them you wouldn’t be making the profit that you are today. But to go the extra mile for your sales, you need to think about ways that you might have been bringing them down at the minute. What we’ve noticed is that some companies sell the same thing, using the same sales technique, for years and years. People are eventually going to get bored, and look somewhere else where people might be offering a better bargain. So first of all, think about how you can give your products a bit of a makeover. Perhaps you could introduce something new, or even just find a way to improve what you’re selling at the minute. Then, think about how often you offer sales or discounts. If it’s rarely, then you know something else you need to change as well. Even if it means reducing your profit just a little bit, it should help to boost sales and bring new customers in. Then, think about how you’re getting the word out there about these amazing products. Are you marketing and selling using the same techniques, or are you switching it up every couple of months. If the answer isn’t the latter, then you know the final thing that you need to change if you want to better your sales!

5. For Yourself

The last person on your list is always going to be yourself. Well, you might think of yourself when it comes to the money you’re paying into your bank account, but for the most part, you are someone you’re going to have ignored for a while now. If you really want to better your business, you have to first think about how you can better your mindset. Perhaps you’ve been feeling a little demotivated as of late, or perhaps you’re just struggling to get your head in the game with every aspect of your business. So our top tip is to take some R&R, and have a little rest. Once a month you should take a few days off to just do what you want to do, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. It allows you to come back refreshed in your mind, and ready to tackle the working days!