The Most Interesting New Camera Equipment Entering The Market Today

The Most Interesting New Camera Equipment Entering The Market TodaySource: Wikimedia

Things are moving fast right now in the world of retail camera equipment. It’s a great time to be a photography buff; that much is certain. But what are the most interesting developments that are taking place right now? Well, you can read on to find out. And then get ready to part with your cash!

1. 360-Degree Tech

Taking 360-degree technology is now a real possibility, and it’s one that we all be able to take advantage of in the near future. Sure, the hardware is pretty expensive right now, but it certainly won’t stay that way forever. People are even starting to develop their own custom models by attaching GoPro cameras together to create 360 degree images. The results are really impressive and interesting; you should definitely have a look at what photography is being created if you can. They work by creating the images and then quickly stitching the images together. New tech can make this happen in seconds, whereas it used to take a long time.

2. Drones

Drones are a hot topic right now. Some people see them as a big threat to safety. And the certainly have their drawbacks, and regulation is probably inevitable eventually. But they are also a great tool for people who love photography. You can now buy drones that have cameras attached to them. And one of the most interesting recent examples of how these can be used came in Syria of all places. Someone used a drone fitted with cameras to create a portrait of some of the most damaged, war-torn areas of the country from the sky. They’re just as much fun for fun stuff too though. The quadcopter is one of the best out there at the moment.

3. Thermal Camera Hardware

There is nothing particularly useful about thermal imaging for most of us. Police forces and military operatives use them in difficult situations. But for people like you and me, they are just a lot of fun to mess around with. You can now get thermal camera adaptors that attach to your equipment to create cool images. You should definitely try them out if you’re interesting in all the latest developments in the world of photography. You can even attach items like the Flir thermal camera technology to add to your camera phone. It’s a fun little item to try new photography techniques with.

4. Sony 4K Action Camera

This is where we are now heading with photography equipment. People are only just getting used to HD cameras, but now we’re taking an even greater leap forward. The resolution of HD images is 1080p. But that is now quadrupled with the latest Sony 4K Action Camera. The images you create will be pretty incredible. And this kind of technology is on the market for you to buy right now. You might have to splash the cash to start using it right now. But when you see the image and video capabilities of this kind of technology, you will be pretty tempted to do so, believe me.